I hate being put on hold- Bureaucratic Limbo


Today I made many phone calls to the pharmacy, to doctor’s offices, to insurance.

  •  One of my prescriptions will be taken care of tomorrow.
  •  A permanent TENS unit is still being worked out: the physiotherapist’s office and the medical provider are not on the same page yet, apparently.
  •  No word from the orthopedic clinic, or the surgeon’s nurses about the Novocaine injections.  The insurance rep I talked to was outsourced… somewhere in Asia or Oceania, as it often is.

I hate putting on the dog and pony show for bureaucrats, more so when I must do it repeatedly and not everyone’s paying attention.

Pain is a leech on creativity.


I wish it was more of a forge, or a refiner’s fire.  There is so much content I want to finish here on the blog.

For example, more of The Hero’s Journey series:

Cover of "Superman - The Movie"



Cover of "The Transformers - The Movie"

 Transformers: The Movie


Redemption of the Four Kingdoms (fiction that Cimmorene and I are working on)

Superman is hard… I don’t have the good strength to write the explanations out, and I’m having trouble finding media from Superman: The Movie and Superman II, which I will be focusing on in one story.  I’ve got posts already- you can find them all here (or see some of the Related Articles), but I don’t have enough yet to fill out all of the Monomyth stages.  Equilibrium was easier by comparison– I had a wealth of clips on YouTube and a fansite.  Then, I realized the whole script fell VERY neatly into all the Hero’s Journey stages!

Transformers: The Movie is even more difficult in some ways.

Redemption of the Four Kingdoms is forged in my personal experiences with abuse and other trauma, so… I hope you understand why those words of fiction (based on some reality) aren’t coming too easily.  Maybe if I tell you I started it over five years ago, that would make more sense.







Daily Tanka —

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and then, Rob reflects on his journey… and realizes his own Call to Adventure.

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Welcome Summer

(Image credit: Christian R. H)

forever –
as time blooms anew
we unfold

finding our places
with best intention

Have you ever considered the roles that you’ve left in your wake on the journey to where you find yourself now?

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Daily Haiku —

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Rob’s getting a reblog, just because of the Joseph Campbell reference ;-)

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Ruins by Nicholas A. Tonelli

(Image credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli)

past lives’ touch
reclaimed by the wild —

Master of the monomyth Joseph Campbell said that “[l]ife is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.”
Rubik's Cube scrambled

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the ways that we create meaning in our lives is by surrounding ourselves with meaningful objects, things that imbue our lives with a unique sort of character. We have so many of these that it’s hard to count, but I’m compelled by this line of thought to consider the things I have which gain the least amount of use, yet I choose to hold on to them anyway: metal lunch boxes, 3D glasses, binoculars, Legos, Rubik’s Cubes, typewriters, safety razors, small glass bottles — utilitarian elements of times past; some were made even before my father was…

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Humana sucks

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There are some things they have gotten very right for me… but… there’s a lot they’ve gotten wrong lately.

Quick background: Cimmorene and I am with them because for a time, the state of Washington (Medicaid) dropped ALL dental coverage for adults.  Cimmorene and I receive benefits by way of Medicare and Medicaid.  What we receive through Humana is additional benefits that Medicare does not provide, including (at the time) dental benefits.

First, the TENS unit.

They denied the claim to the first second provider, In Home Medical (which was not in the network)– corporate claimed that there were two providers nearby.  So, a nurse rep whatever-the-hell-she-called-herself called and she set up a conference call to get a hold of these other providers… Edgemark and… TSC? because I wanted to deal with someone in person, not a mail order outfit. She called Edgemark.  Edgemark customer service rep said they had offices in Ohio and California, but warehouses throughout the country… apparently, some stuffed suit thought Tacoma was close by?  Nope, Tacoma is 3 hours west of us (Seattle is 4).  Spokane?  Nope, 2.5 hrs north.  Yakima, maybe?  Still 1.75h west.

So claim was sent back to corporate… finally I got the waiver approved to In Home Medical.

(Picture me putting my face in my hands.)

Second, the novocaine shots.  No, not in my gums.  In my spine.  Surgeon’s orders, to try to diagnose where my current pain is coming from.  He knows that things are tight on the right side around the nerve, but doesn’t know if it’s the surgical screws, a bone spur, or if the L4/L5 disc is failing.

One of the surgeon’s nurses called to tell me they were waiting on Humana to approve (pre-authorization) these injections.

Because we all love drowning in red tape…

(Picture me facepalming again.)

This is a fan recut of the original 1978 trailer for Superman: The Movie.
The significance of the image of Kal-El/Superman wearing the black suit will be explained later.

Note, however, that Marlon Brando personally insisted that the “S” be prominent on the black suit, just as it was for the white suit he wore as Jor-El.

“The Kryptonian prophecy will at last be fulfilled– the son becomes the father, the father becomes the son.”

The Hero’s Journey of Superman will commence soon



Coming tomorrow: Introduction to the Richard Donner story of Superman

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