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Partial trust vs. global trust, and the internet

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A hidden post that I’m bringing up to the surface… I am reliving pure rage, shame, fear right now. Can’t explain it right now.

the tao of jaklumen

This is a time-sensitive post of a personal nature and will be password protected in the usual manner.

One of the things I have been working on with my counselor is re-establishing a healthy balance of trust. In short, I have been stuck between extremes of complete trust or complete distrust, which were necessary to survive during periods of trauma, but have done me little good in more peaceful times. In other words, it has been difficult for me to measure partial trust, or trust that is refined and adjusted over many interactions with a person. Sadly, as I count my mother among my abusers, that sense of measured trust has been lacking with women. (Men are a different story– sometimes I can partially trust, but sometimes I just completely distrust them.)

This has been MUCH harder on the Internet, where some users hide behind a sense of pseudo-anonymity. To…

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