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the path of the sage must become the path of the hero

About jaklumen: The Tao of Monomyth

One blog to unite them all

When I first started blogging at LiveJournal, blogging was a very different experience.  Like the name implies, it was seen more as an online journal or diary.

All the entries are here, but a newer post titled A Blogger’s Journey: The hidden beginning (in the A 10-Year Blogging Journey series) sums things up.

I was not ready to deal with my dark past of abuse even though it was the reason why I started.  Like many bloggers at the time (and even now), I simply wrote whatever struck my fancy.  At one point, however (when I was on the VOX blogging platform), someone told me I “hadn’t found my voice” and that my blog had to be about something.

Enter the tao

See also A 10-year Blogging Journey: Death, before Life

I had some interest in Eastern paths, so my Sifu-of-Sorts recommended that I read the Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching.

I did not get too deep into the Gita, but I read the Tao Te Ching like a man dying of thirst.

Not too long after, I retitled my blog “the tao of jaklumen”.  I decided to embrace the Tao as a philosophical Taoist.  Digging into the holy writ of my faith, I could see no conflict.

The tao of Monomyth

See The Hero With A Thousand Faces.  I felt this book gave me a focus for my blog– I “found my voice”.  The Monomyth, or Hero’s Journey, had seeped down into what I was writing as epic high fantasy.  Everything seemed to fall into place after that.

EDIT: January 28, 2017:

Descent Into the Abyss – The Path of the Sage Becomes the Path of the Hero

There have been some turnings of the Hero’s cycle- from Outer, to Inner.  I’m in great pain as of this writing– I wish I could explain better, but it’s hard to focus on something eloquent right now.  Suffice it to say that I have been digging down into my abuse of the past, and continuing on the journey- from victim to survivor, and walking towards survivor to thriver.  There have been many lessons.  More pain, but more growth.  Post traumatic growth.

I’ve been away, connecting with other survivor soulmates on Twitter, with my twin flame, Cimmorene.  I will work past the pain to articulate more here.


4 thoughts on “About jaklumen: The Tao of Monomyth

  1. So cool. Thank you, Jak, for sharing with us your Journey!


  2. Am @ work right now, but briefly read your beginnings. Nice to get to know you, and I hope we can meet at a few bus stops along this winded road of life!


    • Thank you! Bus stops are a GREAT analogy- a friend of mine has offered to take Cimmy, the kids & I on a statewide tour by tour bus when she retires from trucking, or something like that 😉


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