the tao of jaklumen

the path of the sage must become the path of the hero

My other blogs

I do maintain some other blogs. These include:


(which is co-authored by my wife Cimmorene)


Started by Michelle Shannon, which she turned into a collaborative project before handing the blog over to me. I merged it with an old VOX blog I called “hackjob jak”

and I do some guest posts at other blogs (starting with Cimmorene’s blogs):

the dragon's lair

I guest wrote posts when Cimmorene wrote about our relationship, or our family, and wanted my perspective.

Gratitude Challenge

Cimmy allowed me to submit some of my archives from 43Things to keep blog activity up.

I was a writer at We Heart Music, run by Vu. Click through to see some of my posts there.

vox diaspora

The VOX Diaspora is for bloggers that were displaced when the VOX blogging platform shut down. Most are on WordPress, but not all.

 Dear readers, I invite you to check out these blogs.

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