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A Return to Equilibrium

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Dear readers (those of you that are still here),

I don’t have much of a post for you today.  I do have a video, however, regarding a film I greatly enjoy.  It was a film I picked to do a Hero’s Journey series on, and when I really dug in, I discovered it was one of the most masterful tellings I’d ever seen, taking Campbell’s classic steps, and intertwining them with a few male version steps from The Heroine’s Journey.

Please note that a lot of this video will probably make more sense if you’re a film student, and actually know about cinematography, and how a director puts a movie together.  The channel name “CinemaWins” I think is a play on the name of a different channel, called “Cinema Sins”.

Here’s the video.  It only came out a few weeks ago, so please send Likes and comment love:

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