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Haikus reveal a hidden Heroes’ Journey

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A December haiku challenge for the epic fantasy genre from Rob’s Surf Report via SciFi Haiku: Babylon 5 at Laith’s Ramblings

I present not just one haiku, but three:

Cytropus’s eye
Will gather Ogg’s children home
By means none expect

Gracia and Daedin
Father Sky and Green Woman
Justice and mercy

Half-breeds, all of them
Each born humble and oppressed
Shall be champions

— based on the unfinished Redemption of the Four Kingdoms series by J.R. (jaklumen) and J.A. (Cimmorene/wavemistress) Pratt

If you would like samples of the work so far, please let me know by the contact form or please make a reply here– I will either send them to you or make them part of future posts.  Let me know what you’d like! Thank you.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me. The username is still unique as of 2016, so it's just me, and only me. It's the real me, because I'm bad at faking otherwise.

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