the tao of jaklumen

the path of the sage must become the path of the hero

Choose your journey!

What’s this blog all about? Are you wondering where to go in this maze of over 2,000 posts and over 10 years worth of content?

Click on the images below to choose your path, from the Tao to the Hero’s Journey.  Each image leads to the beginning of a series of posts (save for the yin-yang diagram- that will take you to all posts under “the Tao” category) and there will be a link at the end of that post, leading you to the next post in the series, until the end.

Think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure”.


Silver Surfer


A Zero to Hero's Journey
The 10 Year Blogging Journey

More pathways will be added soon

7 thoughts on “Choose your journey!

  1. Hi, Jak. Just saying Hi on your home page.


    • Hi Kitt!

      I’ve set things to a static page– this page shows up now when people come to my blog on the Home page. Do you like it? Is it easy to follow and read?


      • Honestly, I get a bit confused and overwhelmed when presented with different “paths” to choose. I do better with content oriented menus or links. But, that’s just me wondering, which path should I choose?

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        • It’s difficult to bend to do all that in a look that I like. Plus, a lot of bloggers just feature their favorite posts, but I don’t have singular faves. My favorites are post series. And a lot of bloggers I see that are really successful don’t have those faves in links or menus– they have them in clickable images! So, at least I’m doing that.

          Oh well… maybe I’ll never get it right the way the popular bloggers do. But, this was what I could muster.

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        • I simply have to take a look at your blog series, at your journeys. You are visually offering them. That I understand. Time for me to choose a series/journey…


  2. jaklumen, I would like very much to see the link you referred to when you visited. I work with children all day long, every day, and I will tell you without question that they know instinctively a great many things that we have forgotten. Perhaps by the time they get to YA they have grown beyond that, but I still find the stories in that genre really satisfying. Not appropriate for adults? I don’t care what they think. Give me Hunger Games and Percy Jackson and I’m good to go.


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