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Passing of Vox Hunt

(If you're not following the Team Vox posts: Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend)

Well I know some of you are pretty bummed, although I'm going to remain optimistic and hope this improves the QotD somewhat.  I agree some of the QotDs are absolutely terrible and/or don't apply well to a wide age group/cross section of people, and the Vox Hunt was a little more pithy and topical (if that's the right word to use).

I'll be honest– I wasn't following the Vox Hunt well because I had, for quite a while, a camera that sucked ass.  The pictures were passable outside, but taking anything indoors under low light was just awful.  Therefore, I didn't participate often.  But some of the comments (I mean by those not in my Neighborhood right now, really) were really sort of depressing.  There was digs on splitting [the this is good] category, which I think turned out to be a fine idea in the end, claims that requests for QotD submissions were not well advertised (okay…), to outright suggestions that Vox is dying and that there was no outlet for input/suggestions/etc.

Gah.  Okay, if you're reading that link, you can tell I'm either irritated or trying to steer people towards solutions.  It really annoys me when people complain a lot but don't really offer a lot towards that end.  Maybe you remember I had some long discussions with daisy about the QotD and it really pissed me off to read someone suggesting that 6A was not accessible, even after I said I could vouch for her.  Gah, underhanded chickenshit passive-aggressiveness in my opinion.  I understand people are frustrated, but anyone taking her up on her offer?

I will admit that sponsored QotDs are pretty damn annoying.  I think those are the most ripe for satire, but then I can believe that 6A has to pay the bills and I can believe Daisy when she says there haven't been enough submissions.  Are people complaining when they haven't made a submission yet?  Hmmm.  The QotD can be better; maybe you remember that I borrowed from the LJ version, Writer's Block, from time to time, and occasionally, those were fantastic.

I also said that as it's called "Writer's Block" over there, this sort of thing is totally optional.  It is there when we don't otherwise have something interesting to post about.  Cimmorene created the Journal Jar group as one alternative, which so far has been well received.  If you want an invite (I say it again), please ask me!  We promise we will try to do better on putting up more questions.  Today's was about extracurricular activities in school, which I had great fun answering.

I assure you your feedback is welcome.  I think I will send a PM to Daisy again and see what she says.  Can't bow out at this point now that I've asked a fair amount already.

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Vox Hunt: 8th Grade Dance: Mix Tape

You're making a Mix Tape titled "8th Grade Dance." Share the first song you'd put on it.

That's right.  Nothing.  I wouldn't be making such a mixtape, at all.

I had a crush on someone in 8th grade.  She spurned my advances and wouldn't dance with me at that school dance.  I got very despondent and halfheartedly tried to hang myself on the metal swingset in the backyard.  I'd told a friend previously, and although I was upset at the time that he told the vice principal, it was the right thing to do, of course.  This was all years before I received any psychiatric treatment.

So lest anyone twit me for my saucy replies on their answer to this, well, y'know, this is a chapter in my life I'd prefer to forget.  So I don't need no stinkin' mixtape.

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Vox Hunt: The Food of My Ancestors

Show us your favorite food from the country of your heritage.
Submitted by MexicanRobot.

Like a good number of Americans, I'm pretty mongrel in a manner of speaking, but I have fairly strong Danish bloodlines, and butter cookies were a real favorite in my grandmother's house:

My wife's family has a good amount of Danish heritage, too, and every Christmas, we make kringler.  But we don't  shape them like the pretzel-looking things I'm finding on the web.

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Vox Hunt: Ben Franklin Quote

Show us your favorite Benjamin Franklin quote

"A penny saved is a penny earned."

I have written in favor of phasing out the penny in U.S. coin circulation (although I can't find *where*), and relegating it to where the mill is now in gasoline pricing.  I have taken to thinking, however, that the elimination should be gradual, starting with the Philadelphia Mint before Denver, since I hear more folks towards the East Coast talking about throwing pennies away than on this side.

Perhaps the fact that this is one of Franklin's better-known quotes is stopping that from happening: elimination would antiquate it.

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Vox Hunt: Let’s Play Dress Up

Show us your Halloween costume. Bonus points: write a Halloween poem to go with it.

As requested:

Uncle Fester was wishing
That despite the cold he could go fishing
So off he went, and the time was well spent
For the fish he soon was a-dishing.

One small problem, and oh it was a sight!
He gave the game warden a terrible fright.
For you see, the way Fester fishes with glee
Is with heavy amounts of dynamite.

Crossposted to LJ, itemid = 1007, security = public, mask = 0.

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Vox Hunt: Can You Tell Me How to Get…

Show us your favorite Sesame Street character.


Here is a reminder from the Jimmy Kimmel show that you don't mess around with Grover.  This guy Tim Daily or whoever he is stepped to him, and got totally owned:

Grover on Jimmy Kimmel

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Vox Hunt: Making the Band

Show us an instrument you know how to play.

I was a music student, so a comprehensive list would include trumpet, baritone horn, tuba, trombone, cello, double bass, piano, electronic keyboard and synthesizer, viola, clarinet, and alto sax although quite a few of those I have likely forgotten somewhat how to play.

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Vox Hunt: Salty Snack

Show us your favorite salty snack.

Yes, it really is a band.  And I really like what I've been hearing so far.  You can listen to samples here (apologies in advance– it's a MySpace page).

This was the answer that the author was probably looking for, however:

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