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What I’ll call “The Self-Tagging” meme

as seen at the VOX blogs of Hangaku Gozen, Purplesque, and blogginginthewind

So… list 7 things about yourself that your friends would describe as weird (or strange, eccentric, whatever).  I'd say you get bonus points if friends have actually posted about it and described it as weird, but it's totally optional.

  1.  I really like oyster and anchovy pizzas.  Yes, I have blogged about it, and yes, I have gotten interesting responses.
  2.  I don't know how many have actually said it was weird, but I really like mashed rutabagas at Thanksgiving.  (Thanks, Mom Q.)
  3. My first year in college– junior college (but it's a 4-year university now)– the Grey Poupon commercial with the slogan "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" was quite popular, and I was actually asked that sometimes.  I considered carrying around a jar in my jacket so I could pull it out, offer it, and reply "But of course", just like in the commercial.
  4. I have snorted and made pancakes with purple Kool-Aid.  Yes, I actually posted about this one too on a "Random Things About YOU!" thread on the forums of my Runescape clan.  I thought it would amuse the kids.  (I think they were amused, after I satisfied their curiosity by answering a few questions.)
  5. I have found great amusement in people's reactions to the hair on my head and face.  Same first year in college, when a dorm mate insisted I needed to get a haircut, I promptly had my hair shaved down to the skin on the sides.  Some other dorm guys suggested I stiffen it up into a mohawk, but I kept it skater messy or pulled back into a pigtail.  I've also shaved my head a number of times.  I do it now only as a summer haircut or for Halloween costumes (see earlier posts) but I always find great ribald delight in my mother complaining about it.  She'll complain even when it grows out to close-cropped, and so I'm doubly amused when my grandmother (her mom) compliments me on it.  If you know either of them personally, you'll appreciate the humor.
  6. I drank a bowl of salsa at a church dance years ago.  What a mixture of boredom and nervousness will do to me!
  7. I blew a gasoline fireball in high school, burned half my face, and went on my first date with the bandages still on.

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