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Pretzel dogs for dinner? Yum yum!

Photos by Cimmorene

Click on each picture for descriptions.  Yes, that is my hand in those photos.

Click right here to see more photos of this project at her Adventures in Cooking photoset and other fun food projects (some which have been shared here at VOX before).

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Pretzels, round 2!

Increasing the gluten content seemed to help a LOT.  I added about 1 1/2 T of gluten flour to the recipe I used before.  Wow, what a difference– lighter, fluffier, easier to chew.

It made them a little harder to roll out, however.

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Pretzel making

NOTE: The .resized in all the titles simply reflect that I resized the photos in a batch through a program.

I used a bread machine to mix up the dough– a Salton Toastmaster.  I'm feeling a little too lazy to write up the recipe, but I'll do so if you wish me to.  Most of the pretzels were salted with kosher salt I had left from a frozen soft pretzel package, and I used sesame seeds when I ran out.

I managed to snake some really awesome homemade sweet mustard from our church Christmas party– someone there told me that tomato soup was the secret ingredient.  (No idea.)

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