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Weekly Challenge (Feb. 28): Abandoned

I’m woefully behind on the photography challenges at the Daily Post.

The challenge two weeks ago just stumped me terribly.  Where was I going to find a photo of something abandoned?  To be honest, I wasn’t sure I had any.  I wasn’t sure if photos of our house (before we moved into it) would count, even though it had stood vacant for 1.5-2 years before we arrived (neighbor said 2 years, previous occupant said year and a half).

Then I remembered that a friend of mine (lydiafairy at Flickr) had some fantastic photos, any one that would fit this challenge perfectly.  Yesterday I got formal permission to share them:

You can totally post links to my images if you want to, Thank you for thinking them worthy of being seen 🙂

She’s too modest, really.

Anyways, here is one of my favorites, which was taken at a school closed and abandoned in 2001 (as best she remembers):

“light seeping in”, Lydia Selk, copyright 2013. All rights reserved

So many fascinating images.  I have a strong interest in urban exploration and I’ve looked into some really incredible stuff from around the world on this subject.  To those of your dear readers reading regularly I will try to dig up some of the stuff I’ve looked at if you so wish.  Please let me know, won’t you?  I find this subject so intriguing.

If you’d like to see more pictures like this, please visit my friend at Flickr and check out her neglected or forgotten photoset.  There are many wonderful photos–

There are some photos I can take, now that I think of it, and some more ideas I could share, but that will be another time.  Take care and thank you again for reading.

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Lingering on the surreal for a moment.

Remember this picture?  It was on my Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone post.


This is what my in-laws had to say about it:

Why would my father-in-law like this image so much?  You'll see why in a minute.

Why would my father-in-law like this image so much? You’ll see why in a minute.

Bill really likes photo manipulations.  Here are a few examples:

Bill says: “Our bathtub just seemed to be a natural place for a wall to go.”

“Space art, a photo manipulation made from one of my own photos and a public domain NASA photo.” I think his photo is from a Scout camping trip, during his days as a Scoutmaster.

“A manipulation of one of my photos and a public domain NASA photo.”

Clicking on any of these images will take you to their respective entries at Flickr, as well as reference the photosets he’s filed them under.  (I often say ‘looking for one of Bill’s photos in his photostream is like looking for a drop in the ocean’.  Be aware if you explore, it’s 40+ years’ worth of pictures.)

A gentle request: Bill has graciously given me permission to share his photos but he has been burnt in the past before– please honor the copyrights on these images, and refrain from downloading them, or worse, pass them off as your own.  I would hope that goes without saying, so I thank you for your kind consideration in advance.

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