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My Funny Valentine: Monday Monster Mashup meets the Weekly Writing Challenge!

In today’s entry, I take the Monday Monster Mashup and mash it even further with the Weekly Writing Challenge!

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What’s your Valentine’s story?

Today’s prompt comes from the WP Weekly writing challenge: Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

First, the MASHUP:

Then, the photo:

12 roses for 12 years 2nd shot

Now, the story:

Our wedding anniversary is on December 12th.  Sometimes, it gets eaten up in the Christmas fervor.  In 2010, we had a church Christmas dinner on the 12th.  While Cimmorene said she was fine with attending a ward Christmas dinner on our anniversary (and we did), I didn’t think this was sufficient.

So come February, I decided I needed to make up for it.  I figured I would act early, and beat the Valentine’s Day rush.  On a whim, I stopped in to the local Just Roses flower shop, and asked for 12 white short-stemmed roses, in a vase.  They had such on hand.  Wow.  I told one of the florists, as she was ringing up my purchase, “If I do this right, she’ll…

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Zombie Monday Monster Mashup: Gangnam Style is 2 Legit 2 Quit


Yep, it’s late… but it’s still Monday in the Pacific Time zone.

But here it is… the fully LEGIT PSY/MC Hammer mashup, but with some fan-compiled mash elements from the original videos.

Credits to stickypixel825, of course

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MX3: Ghostbusters are Bad

This is such a smooth-@$$ vid, that I've been meaning to share it for a long while now.  Embedding is disabled, so you will have to watch it at the YouTube site. (Didn't think to use the regular YouTube conduit because of that.)  There are other entries floating out there, but this is the one that uses elements from both MJ's and Ray Parker Jr.'s videos as well as a few movie clips.

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Monday Monster Mashup Returns Again – Hella Billie Good

So it's not Monday.  Better a day late than never, and it's been a long while.

Sometimes mashups are less than innovative and original– that is, they aren't a mix of two obviously different songs you wouldn't expect to go together.  Sometimes a mashup or bastard pop artist will go back to a tune that's influenced a particular song, and use it as the mashed backup track.  Such is the case here:

No Doubt vs Michael Jackson – Hella Good (Abstraction’s MJ Tribute Mix)

This isn't up to my usual standards of where the videos of the two songs are also mashed together, but hey, this is Hella Good, not to mention the mashup Is Not My Son.  Enjoy.

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Bee Gees vs. Britney Spears vs. Shakira mashup

Wherever, Whenever Stayin’ a Slave

Mashup by Fader Gladiator.  The mashup has no official title that I know of– just made one up in the usual fashion.  This wasn't available embeddable for some time but now it's popping up other places on YouTube.  Hope this doesn't mean all of them will be removed eventually.

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