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Mother’s Day Shout Out

Since my own mother and I aren't on the best terms right now, I'd like to at least celebrate the moms in my own blogging community.  Mad props y'all, especially to those who are experiencing some frustration and taking classes at the "school of hard knocks" right now.

The list includes the following:
<lj user="anderyn">
Cimmorene (the wifey, a.k.a. <lj user="morwen2003">)
emily sears
<lj user="fyreflygoddess">
<lj user="jenntheamazon"> (my sister)
<lj user="luckychance">
<lj user="risquemasquee">
shush now

Many, many apologies if I should have you on this list, but I do not currently.  Predictably enough, I put down those who I remember blogging about their child(ren) in at least one post.  Please let me know in the comments if you'd like to be added.  If you are there, but don't want to be… muhahahaha, too bad!  Smile, and say "Thank You". 😉

Honorable mentions to those who are not moms, but are honoring their own mothers with grace and style.  You guys know who you are.

Note: As before, if you are on VOX, and see bare code for LiveJournal users, consider this nifty little Greasemonkey script which will display LJ user information, as it appears on LiveJournal, with that code.  Thanks, as always to Dmitri Rubenstein (<lj user="dimrub">) and the LiveJournal Users on VOX group.

Hopefully, the Greasemonkey script for better cross-posting to LJ works better with Ubuntu than it did with XP…

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