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I just can’t help it; it is all SO CUTE.

I'm reading a baby blog of a programmer/coder friend and… well, she fits the stereotype well enough that I just find it so amusing to see her writing … stereotypical proud mother braggings about new children.

I am a father of a baby boy myself, and I am also a tech geek, and so I mean absolutely no disrespect.  The juxtaposition is just… amusing.  She tends to drift between the two– sometimes she's writing much as you would expect any mom would, and then she's writing with the usual geeky quirks again.

So cute… as is her handsome little baby boy.

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Happy Easter!

Technically, I'm a day late, but Easter was decent overall.

Getting to church was tough– I was feeling moody and anti-social.  I managed to get dressed and have everyone ready, however, that we made it although we were all late.  Thankfully, everyone was oohing and ahh-ing over my son (as this was his first day at church) so the attention was off me most of the time save the 'congrats dad' stuff, hehe.  I decided to give Cimmy a little break after Sunday School, and I had to change his diaper, so I walked into the men's meeting opening exercises to get roped into announcements.  He was hungry after we were done, so I took him back to his mom to feed and I showed her where my meeting was so she could bring him to me if she felt so inclined.

Well, Cimmy wanted to go straight to my folks as they had invited us over for dinner, but some bozo (with kids in the car, no less) decided to shoot around us from behind on a narrow county road, even with a car coming from the opposite direction.  Well I felt like I needed to lay on the horn and give chase to get a license plate number, but they took off like a madman and so we had to give the police report without it and without a make or model since they took off so fast.

My folks weren't at home (we forgot their ward gets out later), so we went home and changed clothes before going back.  Dinner was good, albeit somewhat typical- ham, potatoes au gratin (or 'funeral potatoes', or 'cheesy potatoes', depending on who you talk to), rolls, and steamed broccoli with cheese sauce, or lemon juice on request.  Before dinner was on, my baby sister called, so we talked tech, work, and baby until then.  My folks wanted to give her their old computer, but she told me I was free to lay claim on the monitor if I wanted.  Our current monitor is a 13" and doesn't support resolution greater than 800X600 very well– it will display 1026X768, but it turns up rather small.

The rest of the time was chatting a bit, and enforcing boundaries with my mother– she remains nosy, nagging, and wont to give unsolicited advice.  Cimmy has been tempted to tear her head off, but I have somehow managed to politely defuse spontaneous and unwanted 'I need to give you advice because I love you' moments.  I shouldn't have to explain every decision, no matter how shortcoming nor seemingly unaffordable it may be… I can raise my kids and spend my money (and Cimmy can spend her own money freely too) however my wife and I see fit.

We escaped to have a walk, with a rest in between, and then a rest afterwards.  It was just long enough to then excuse ourselves to go home.  Then I had time to clean up a bit, sleep for about two hours, and wake up again.  Cimmy is surfing along with me because he has to feed the kid again.  Can't seem to get his jaundice to clear up just yet– so we try to have him suckle at least 8-10 times a day.  Doing it with him with most of his skin exposed to full sunlight doesn't seem to make a significant difference, but we've tried it a few times anyway.  He had a lab test recently, but they didn't call to tell us so call him in for UV treatment, so we'll either bug the docs and/or just go on as usual, maybe asking on the next appointment with the doc, the CNM, or the RN specializing in midwifery (who assisted with the C-section).

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