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My concern about current NSA practices

Don’t you find someone looking over your shoulder unnerving? That’s how I feel about the NSA’s current practices. I don’t like getting too involved in politics as it can lead to contentious confrontations, but I think this issue concerns just about everybody.

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TechsWrite: The Helpful Techie

I generally try to avoid talking politics. It usually leads to confrontations.

I sometimes make exceptions when I think it’s warranted, however.

Two years ago, I wrote Why SOPA/PIPA worries me. I also participated in WP’s blackout option– I had my blogs covered with a black screen for a period of time.

Again, I’ll share a video like I did in the aforementioned post:

Or perhaps it’s easier to sum things up by this abstruse goose comic:

What does the NSA intend to do with all that data?

For more information, see:

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TechsWrite: The Helpful Techie

I got a message from one of my readers at the tao of jaklumen:

…I had some kind of system going where when you made a post and before you published it, you could scroll down to the bottom right and there would be other blogs that you could reference and pictures. I can’t figure out for the life of me what happened to that function.

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This is Zemanta, a third-party tool that gave suggestions for pictures, tags, URL links, and related WordPress blog posts. Thirteen days ago, WordPress announced that they were removing Zemanta integration.

It’s a closed sticky on the WordPress forums (yes, click that link above to see more information).

I liked Zemanta.  Did you like it, too?

Here’s the options as I understand them:

  1. Download the browser extension at the Zemanta website
  2. Use the native Related Posts feature in WordPress, and wait for…

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