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REBLOG: TRU Adult Colo(u)ring Book Project

Hey guys- my dear wife has volunteered to help Athena Moberg and Bobbi Parish in gathering submissing for an adult (meditative) coloring book, to raise funds for Trauma Recovery University.  TRU is an organization dedicated to helping survivors of child sexual abuse.  These funds will help make conferences and other resources possible.

Please help spread the word?  Please see the following below (and click on the link for more information):

This year, Trauma Recovery University (TRU) is putting together a colo(u)ring book which we intend to sell to raise funds.  Cimmy has agreed to be the point of contact for this project.  All the ba…

Source: TRU Adult Colo(u)ring Book Project

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Is Santa Claus Real?

Cimmy responds with the rest of the story to We Are All Santa. my first article for The Good Men Project,

The Dragon's Lair

I have a confession to make. I’m forty-five years old and I believe in Santa Claus.

When I was a little girl, my parents did the whole Santa thing. I always knew that the man at the mall was just a man dressed up as Santa and not the real McCoy. However, I always loved Christmas and, though I rarely had an opportuntiy to sit on the lap of the man pretending to be Santa, I always appreciated the story behind the man.

The story goes that, way back in history, if a woman wanted to be married, her father had to have money, called “dowry,” to give to her prospective husband. If the father didn’t have anything, his daughter might have to become a prostitute in order to be able to support herself. The story says that there was one such father with three daughters and a wealthy, young…

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The stench of stigma

Pardon me while I play devil’s advocate for a moment:

If you remember Beth Teliho’s post The Phone Call, then well, you understand that it can be really frustrating to see loved ones struggle, or even worse, reject treatment. As in those situations where you can see they’re not well, but, you’re not sure if they do.

Not to say that treatment is easy– I took the psychiatric and psychological routes, and they’re hard roads to travel. My health got wrecked on psychiatric drugs (and I still have excess weight that won’t come off yet), so I understand that meds are a difficult choice. Even alternative paths like supplements, meditation are still difficult, and must be as rigorous as med therapy, but in different ways.

Of course, I can come right back around and say that things would be easier if people could view mental health as manageable, like diabetes. Except, it’s more complicated in some ways. And I was fortunate. I had friends and family that were very supportive, and I know many people don’t have such a network.

The Dragon’s Lair Original Artwork, by Princess

For all you that have loved our daughter’s artwork, she recently completed a commission for Cimmorene for her blog The Dragon’s Lair! Comments are closed at the tao of jaklumen as really now, you’ve got to see how it looks as the new blog header!

The Dragon's Lair

The Dragon's Lair Original Artwork, by Princess

This picture was created by my daughter, Princess. She drew it in pencil, then her father scanned it into the computer and she took it from there. I have often felt bad about using borrowed artwork for The Dragon’s Lair header. This picture isn’t borrowed. It was commissioned. Please direct any and all comments regarding the picture to the artist. I’ll make sure she gets them.

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More info on “365: A Daily Creativity Journal”

Here’s more information about the 365 Project, including links to the 365 blog and ways to share your project. Please note that our first comment is from Noah Scalin himself.

Comments are closed at the tao of jaklumen to encourage you to come visit again, and hopefully be inspired by this wonderful project.

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jak & Cimmy's Journal Jar

Hey people,

Noah Scalin himself has taken notice of Doug’s participation (look here).
He’s reminded us that the publisher has asked for linkbacks to the 365 blog, and that there are some easy ways to spread the word about the project.

1. Please see the SHARE YOUR PROJECT page on the 365 blog.

2. You’ll see on that page there are some very cool eye-catching badges:

We hope this helps you, dear readers, if you’d like to participate.

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Zero to Hero Day 28: Build on Popular Content

Today I’m guest posting at Cimmy’s blog The Dragon’s Lair to help with a Zero to Hero challenge.

Comments are closed at the tao of jaklumen… come and give Cimmorene your support!

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The Dragon's Lair

I can’t believe there were no suggestions at all.  

Wait a minute, what’s this?

“Get jak to answer the question about you.”  

You got it.  Take it away, jak!  

Thanks, Cimmy!

The assignment for day 28 is to find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post.

I suggested to Cimmorene that I could write a “he said” follow-up to the Day 27 question:

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

Cimmy taught me to love myself more, and to smile more often.

(The character Cimmy is portraying is Scene from the Fine Bros. MyMusic YouTube show)

wlq old b&w 2373
-She is sweet to a fault, always showing kindness and love

I love you, my dear, every time I go
You have a way to let me know
No matter how upset I may…

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