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Not an easy task to effectively share so much!

See also Building Rome: Eyes Open!

Probably the hardest part is that my daughter is only 12, and I have to be very careful to monitor how we share her stuff.

She is one of our principal photographers at jaklumen & family

have a sparkler, jak

Another fantastic capture she made on Friday

She wants her own YouTube channel, but for now, I put her videos at my YouTube account.

[This is me sneaking a video shoot of her working on something.]

I am not comfortable with uploading her artwork to my DeviantArt account anymore—maybe I’ll just have to create her one and administrate it myself until she’s old enough.
For now, I share things at jak & Cimmy’s Journal Jar

My dear wife Cimmorene—I love her so much, but I am struggling there too.

I am a visual person. She is audio-visual. Her big thing is that she LOVES to have her writing read aloud to her (like for Cimmy’s Stories), even when it’s not terribly convenient. I am still trying to get her to funnel this desire into producing a podcast. (Why yes, I have a SoundCloud account right here.)

She is a talented artist, too, but I am having a really difficult time getting her to share it online!

This was actually a joint project– I scanned in a pencil drawing she made and then did most of the digital editing. I say “most” because she wasn’t satisfied with the final result, and added a few details.




Ten things of thankful: ID4 2014 and more

I’ve started a new 43Things goal for Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.
As always, I’ve added additional long-form edits to this WordPress crosspost.

This weekend brought so much to be thankful for.

1. Our daughter continues to work on her artistic skills. She was our principal photographer and videographer for our trip.

Photo credit: Bill 1939 B at Flickr, a.k.a. “Pop”. My father-in-law decided to take some shots of Princess at work

2. She has friends and family that are cheering her on!  Notably, they include:

the ever-lovely and generous Tahira “TJ” Lubrano

Bill 1939 (her maternal grandfather, as mentioned before)

I’ve been in touch with Dean at Dean’z Doodlez about starting some artistic, creative synergy with his work and the stuff that Cimmy, Princess and I do.  So far, the response has been fantastic!  Please do me a favor and check him out.

3. The gooseberry bush at my in-laws’ house is always ready to harvest (often more ready than my MIL’s liking) every July 4th. They allow us to come each year to pick gooseberries.

It wasn't TOO hot, but we took time during the hottest part of the day to remove the stems and blossoms.  Photo by Princess

It wasn’t TOO hot, but we took time during the hottest part of the day to remove the stems and blossoms. Photo by Princess

4. The Yakama Nation is less stringent about fireworks than our local municipalities, so we go to Toppenish to watch local displays. Although the casino didn’t have funds for a display this year, there was plenty to see from nearby stands.

Oh snap, Princess is better at capturing fireworks than I am!

Oh snap, Princess is better at capturing fireworks than I am!

5. Although we essentially get a free show, Cimmy and the kids have enjoyed lighting sparklers the past few years. Sparklers are banned in our home city.

Do you see now this girl has got talent?  Wow!

Do you see now this girl has got talent? Wow!

6. I spent some time to be mindful of the holiday and talked with my father-in-law about the reality of wartime military service that Friday. Specifically, he served Navy on a nuclear submarine during the Vietnam War.

7. I am grateful that my wife spent some loving and pleasant time with her youngest sister, with our daughter along.

8. I am very glad that my sister-in-law is doing well right now, and that she always welcomes my hugs.

9. Yakima and Toppenish were my other homes at one point. Returning is sometimes bittersweet, but I enjoy returning and recalling many memories.

10. I am grateful for the old highways (WA HWY 22, 241) that are less-traveled. They are a welcome respite from the freeways (SR 395, I-82) and the manner of their drivers.


Gratitude X2 for Blogging Diversity!

Cross-posted from 43Things— Now with extra edits here on the WordPress entry!

1. WordPress bloggers are working on goals and I have reasons to use 43Things again.
a. Building Rome from Bradley “Green Embers” Corbett
Bradley knows about 43Things and I told him I’d use it while participating in this project.  I am confused about whether this week is about passion, or reaching out, or both.
b. Ten Things of Thankful from Lizzi at Considerings
Lizzi’s series was what originally reminded me, “Hey, I’m involved in a goal at 43T just like this!”

2. I still have a TENS unit I can use although I will have to send it back

it looks more or less like this

3. Food bank Friday


4. The chore boards Cimmy got for her and the kids (don’t worry, I have my task lists too) AND she agreed to review chores again today

5. Cimmy is reading to me “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Verbal Self-Defense” even though the book isn’t very good (at least compared to “Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion”)

6. Cimmy still laughs when I fart, like just now

fart photo you-what-woman-fart-ladies-first-da.jpg

My mother told me no nice girl would want to marry a guy who burped, and farted… Guess I showed her.

7. For that matter, Princess usually laughs when either of us fart

and your loved ones laugh about it.

Actually, this is more the exchange I have with both Princess AND Cimmy. But more often Princess. Dayum!

8. Irrigation is back on! SeeWater returned to some KID customers in east Kennewick, Finley

I wonder if this has any connection to those damn rodents burrowing in OUR backyard

9. Pizza for dinner (see #3)

Not homemade, not delivery, but DiGorno.

10. Fresh fruit (also see #3)

which, coincidentally enough, makes me fart


I already have a few screws loose, but more?

This was after I had my trial neurostimulator removed, but my backside still pretty much looks like this.

My new surgeon does not want to do neurostimulation at this time, but rather, he wants to remove a pair of the screws that were used to fuse two of my vertebrae together.

These are NOT mine, but the fuckers probably look a lot like this and I want to keep ’em as souvenirs

I will know more when I meet with the PA Tuesday. In the meantime, I’m thinking it’s time I reinforce my commitment to physiotherapy/rehabilitation/recovery.

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From the 43Things archives: Understanding my son (#26)

With Father’s Day coming tomorrow, Nerd In The Brain’s musing on the 100 Happy Days challenge, and Bradley “Green Embers” Corbett’s “Building Rome” blog event, I decided to dig into the progress I have been doing at 43Things called “identify 100 things that make me happy”.  This was an entry from almost two years ago:

See also (Children #3, just to establish a count)

My son has gotten older, and we discovered a few years ago that he has autism. While there is so much that frustrates me with his special needs, he has changed my life so much. He is a very tactile person, and that loving touch between him and I, whether wrestling, hugs, or tickles… that REALLY has filled a deep and previously unmet need for me. (A moment ago, I could hear him playing with my wife, and the sound of his laughter filled me with joy.)

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Fixing the X-Arcade Dual Joystick

Maybe this might not be considered as worthy as fixing up my home, but I repaired a Dual Joystick I bought used yesterday. It turns out the motherboard had gone bad, and I had to use the mobo and the serial&PS/2 cable patch from an kit I was going to use to upgrade my HanaHo HotRod joystick.

The controller now works BETTER than my HanaHo ever did, and now I have USB support.

Why do I think it’s worthwhile? My daughter still remembers that I set up arcade emulation to stop her from feeding tokens to the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Turtles In Time” cab that used to be at our local Chuck E. Cheese’s. We played it all the way through today.

Shredder taunts the Turtles after Krang steals...

We can play this at home! From left, clockwise: Princess, jak, Cimmy, Boy, and Unknown Dude as Splinter. (No we haven’t gotten a 4-player setup working yet, actually.)

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