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JJQ #75: The Most Wonderful Thing

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I asked Cimmy to serve up a standard JJQ to break up the stream of “Affirmations from my therapist” posts I’ve been doing at this blog regularly.

jak & Cimmy's Journal Jar

“Tell about the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you.”

Ooh!  This one’s a toughie. Let’s see…

Sunday School smilesOur wedding dayI could tell you about how I met my sweetheart at a church function and how we dated and were eventually married in the Bellevue Washington Temple.  Even though it was raining on that day, it was pretty wonderful.  I got to wear a wedding dress made for me by a dear friend of mine in a beautiful building where I was sealed for time and eternity to my very best friend in the whole world other than Jesus Christ.  Yeah, I could talk about that.  It was pretty wonderful, especially considering our 17th anniversary is coming up in December.  So I guess it would make sense for me to talk about that.

14308379517_5d8d5abeaf_mThe T-shirtI could share the story of when I gave birth to my daughter, which began early in the morning…

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