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The House of Stone and Light

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Tonight, Cimmorene and I met with our stake-level leadership (after meeting with our bishop) to renew our recommends. The promises we made here are VERY important to us.

the tao of jaklumen

I’m taking a break from tales of the blogging journey these past ten years to focus on a fifteen year journey. A reconnection, if you will.

Now the main date is a week from yesterday– the 12th. This is how long Cimmy and I have been sealed together in this mortal coil. But the journey actually began on the 5th, when I received my endowment ordinance.

It is usually customary for young men to receive this ordinance before serving a mission. I did not go. The abuse of my past, and all the mistaken and broken ways I took to cope with it, held me back. So both the endowment, and my sealing to Cimmy, were on back-to-back Saturdays. There were a few things done on the 5th that connected to things on the 12th.

I was not sure I was ready. But I had a very steady prompting that…

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