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Sex Ed in School?


As survivors of abuse, Cimmorene and I feel that education about sex and sexuality is important, to empower our children against such abuse. But where does this fit in public schooling? mewhoami shares her experience that some schools (such as her son’s high school) may have gone to the extreme.

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sex ed

Earlier this year, I had opted my son out of a sex ed class that they were having in his high school. Given his disability and current mental age, I didn’t feel that such a class was necessary. Plus, this is something that he and I discuss at home, more and more as he gets older. So he didn’t attend the class.

Fast forward a few months to this week…

During a meeting with his teachers, I was handed the lesson material that was used in that class, the same handbook that was given to the children. I opened it up when I got home, and my eyes got as big as golf balls as my jaw hit the floor.

It was by far the most pornographic thing I had seen in years. Typically a person would have to go to the adult section of a bookstore to find such…

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2 thoughts on “Sex Ed in School?

  1. Hmm. I don’t know. I think too much may be preferable to too little.


    • So you read the article? Paraphrasing a bit what she wrote, she said the illustrations were very graphic. What she described I don’t think would be typical for textbooks and publications aimed at college-age and professional adults.


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