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The ER doc said I was full of shit


So I went to the ER yesterday to resolve what I was talking about in Back to the Depths:

Waves upon waves of nausea, off and on constantly for the past week or so.

The nurses gave me some fluids via IV, I had a X-ray of my abdominal area, and I submitted a urine sample.  The ER doc came in and basically told me I was full of shit.

Consider this a plug for someecards. Or consider it a butt plug. I don’t care. Consider giving them some business even if I’m too broke and cheapskate to do so myself.

No, it meant it, literally.  To the best of my memory, what he said was: “After looking at the abdominal X-ray, we found you have a lot of poop backed up in your intestines, and if you’ve got back problems, as you said, with your surgery, that may be causing you pain.”

As seen on Dump a Day. Seriously, though, med techs are the best. They stop to laugh at my jokes, if they aren’t already laughing at each other (which is what the techs at the ER were totally doing).

My father’s thoughts on the experience? (He did ask me to call, after all, and let him know what was happening.)

To be fair, what he actually said was “No sh.., Doc”, and then apologized for almost swearing. Ah, dear ol’ Dad. He’d completely censor himself except he knows it doesn’t bother me.

Are you full of shit?  Or bologna?  Have you been to the ER lately?  How about the doctor?  Are you tired of the poop jokes yet?  What’s the matter with jak?  Why is he uncharacteristically asking comment prompt questions?  (Maybe he wants some comments?  Hmmm…!)

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

6 thoughts on “The ER doc said I was full of shit

  1. Ugh. That’s uncomfortable. So, did they get you sorted out? I have IBS, so I have the opposite problem. The shit hits the fan. 😛


  2. Mucha Caca no es bueno para Jak! Let it go, let it go…. LOL.


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