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We ALL need The Village

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Found out about this from Gene’O and Serins, actually, but the origin leads to Lizzi.

I admit my motivation is selfish. I have a village of sorts… otherwise I would have cracked with CPS threatening to take away our children, lingering in chronic pain for so long until I finally climbed on to the surgeon’s table again… and much, much, more. I suppose this is my 12 Labors as a would-be Hercules, but I am aware that others have it far, far worse.

(I don’t do Facebook anymore, so no, I won’t be on the FB page.)


“It takes a village to raise a child”

This phrase is so well known it’s almost hackneyed, and gets trotted out when parents receive support from other people, enabling them to better raise their children. Whether it’s hand-me-down clothes, useful equipment, solicited advice, a cooked meal during a frantic time, or the offer of some babysitting so that the overwhelmed mother and/or father can have some time out…there are so many vital ways a community of friends-and-relations can be involved (to a certain degree) in the raising of a child.

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One thought on “We ALL need The Village

  1. I’m glad you have a village – we all really need one 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this. I hope that lots of people join in on Feb 20th with #1000Speak 🙂


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