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8 thoughts on “#NoMoreShame November 2014 is here

  1. Why, yes I will…but I’m not sure how. Should I put the button on my blog to show my support? (That’s what I suspect, but I don’t want to put it on my blog if it’s only supposed to be for people who have suffered abuse…I don’t want to be disrespectful is what I’m trying to say.) Are there any other ways to show/give support? I’m certainly willing! 🙂

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    • That’s an excellent question and I will ask Bobbi and/or Athena about it. My understanding is that survivorship of childhood sexual abuse is NOT required to display the button. You see the hands have got a ribbon on it– and I’m pretty sure most ribbon campaigns don’t have such requirements.

      If you click on the image that I’ve displayed, it will take you to the No More Shame Project webpage– you’ll see, of course, that there are other projects that are aimed at survivors. This month Bobbi and Athena are kindly spotlighting our blogs as we talk about abuse. I can tell you already that I’ve asked for November 12, because that’s when I started blogging 11 years ago on that day to start dealing with the issue of my own abuse.

      If you’d like to read about Cimmorene (my wife) and her story, she’s got it laid out already: and of course she was very kind to let me do a guest post as some of the content was about our courtship and marriage. In some of it, she does talk about her abuse.

      You are totally welcome to watch the Wednesday night Google Hangout streams; they are archived to YouTube right here and of course you can watch via YouTube when it’s live. The streams are public, and Bobbi and Athena have said numerous times that lurking is okay… and I’m fairly certain that includes supportive friends and family that are not survivors.

      Please keep in touch– I will do my best to get you whatever information you need. This has been a crucial resource for Cimmy and I lately and we really do appreciate your support.

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    • Okay, just got a heads up from Bobbi: “Yep! Anyone can display it in support of Survivors. :-)” So, please do feel free to display the button/badge/widget. has got some very specific instructions on how to display it on your blog.

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  2. Just a quick and sincere note of gratitude!

    Aloha friend, Athena 🙂


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