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Visualize my Chronic Pain


Something my father sent to me tonight (especially as he relates to it):

Full body fire.  Or pins.  Or numbness.  It varies.

Full body fire. Or pins. Or numbness. It varies.

I am still waiting and waiting for surgery. The nurses have to figure out where my orthopedic surgeon will do the procedure before they can submit it to the insurance.

Oh yay.

And I broke a tooth, so, there’s that. Will try to get to the dentist first thing tomorrow.

I had a look at the site mentioned on the image.  It’s a good one, and it seems to cover many of the issues I know some of you dear readers deal with.  Have a look.  If you’re on Facebook (I’m not, but still), it looks like they have a very strong presence there.  (It seems this image is from the Facebook page specifically, not the main website.)

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6 thoughts on “Visualize my Chronic Pain

  1. Hope they all get their act together fast to assist you. Best wishes.


  2. Best wishes….


  3. Hola, amigo! I have been on a WordPress hiatus so I’m glad you tweeted this to me. How frustrating to have that carrot dangling right in front of you but you are told to keep waiting!!!! Ay!!! That photo couldn’t be more representative of how we feel!! FUEGO!!!! I will check out the Fb page. Hang in there!


    • I figured you’d appreciate the site and the FB page– a majority of ailments are covered (including RA), but they acknowledge they don’t quite list them all, including my father’s issues. Nevertheless, you know how it is; they’re covering most of the bases, right?


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