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Where were you when I needed you most?


To all those bloggers that I fervently supported when you were just beginning to build a following…

Where are you now?

To all those bloggers that my comments were there, before your post caught fire and got Freshly Pressed…

Where are you now?

To all those bloggers I commented on day in, and day out, but you couldn’t spare nary a comment for me…

Why are you silent?

Don’t tell me you have nothing to say.  You say lots and lots of things to so many other people, but you claim you don’t know what to say to me.

To all those bloggers who sang the praises of others who dared to share their stories of horror and pain…

…but weren’t here at all when I shared my suffering here,

…and blanched in horror when I dared to share any suffering there,

you are so cold.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

17 thoughts on “Where were you when I needed you most?

  1. Jak, you know I’m here for you. I just haven’t been getting your posts until recently, but we already discussed that. I hope your day is as painless as possible. xx


  2. I don’t “like” this. I don’t like it all. I do however like the fact that you voiced your thoughts and poured out your honest heartfelt feelings. I’m a new follower and have no interest in gaining popularity, and I happen to be one of very few who can offer my friendship. I don’t need you to promote me, nor do I feel the need to be “freshly Pressed.” I come to you offering friendship, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and advice if I can give it; although you appear to be far more intelligent than I. I’m sorry that you’re feeling as though everyone has disappeared. Sometimes humans have this natural instinct to turn their backs and look the other way because they don’t know what to say. Or, they get so brainwashed into thinking the more followers they have, the more successful they are. I can promise you I am not one of those. I came here (to Word Press) to express myself in a positive way, as I’m trying to remove any and all negativity from my life. If you need to talk, please don’t ever hesitate to email me. All the best…

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    • Thank you, Kate. Things have been so overwhelming, stressful, and lonely. I’m glad you’re here and that you have shared your thoughts. It’s so appreciated– it really is!


      • Anytime! Really. I know the feelings, and I know they aren’t easy to deal with, especially alone. So, as I said, if you ever need to just talk or vent, please don’t hesitate to private message me. It may feel as though you’re alone, but you aren’t. Physically? Maybe. But there are others (myself for example) who would be more than happy to put down whatever we’re doing to help a friend in need. Don’t forget it.


  3. So sorry you feel forsaken. Terrible place to be.


  4. Speaking personally, if I don’t have any insight for you I generally stay quiet. I’d rather have something to say every now and then as opposed to having a flip comment for all of your posts.

    I am here and I am reading!


  5. You probably already know this, but that was an empathy “like,” not an “I’m enjoying your suffering” like.

    I think we all feel this way sometimes with blogging. 😦 I wish I had some wise words for you, but I don’t. Just keep doing what you’re doing and the people are truly interested in sharing your thoughts and your journey will be there…sometimes quietly. 🙂

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  6. Hi – I’m certainly not freshly pressed or often commented on, but I hear ya! Sometimes I just try to accept that if someone needs to read something I said they will find it and it will help them in some small way even if they don’t feel comfortable commenting. It can be so hard to think of the right thing to say to someone in a difficult situation from over here in the land of Internet anonymity! I’m not sure if this helps – but we care! We are interested! And your posts make us think. 🙂 hope this helps!


  7. Oh! I just thought of another thing to keep in mind. Sometimes the people who avidly read your posts are simply not the same ones as the ones whose posts YOU avidly read! And that’s okay too. Please don’t be discouraged! 🙂 it’s sort of like how writer probably likes to unwind with a good mystery novel, but an accountant might be the one looking forward to the next science article describing a new species of monkey. Go figure!


    • That’s true– interests don’t always intersect.

      In the interest of full disclosure, I’m talking about a few bloggers in particular, but I just think it would be in horribly bad taste to call them out specifically, at least in this particular situation. Maybe this analogy would help– I don’t have duck feathers, so the proverbial backwash of water doesn’t slide off my back too easily. But, I can shake it off much like the beloved family dog, and I’m still learning where it’s safe to do so (i.e. I don’t have people coming after me because I got them wet).

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