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Humana sucks


There are some things they have gotten very right for me… but… there’s a lot they’ve gotten wrong lately.

Quick background: Cimmorene and I am with them because for a time, the state of Washington (Medicaid) dropped ALL dental coverage for adults.  Cimmorene and I receive benefits by way of Medicare and Medicaid.  What we receive through Humana is additional benefits that Medicare does not provide, including (at the time) dental benefits.

First, the TENS unit.

They denied the claim to the first second provider, In Home Medical (which was not in the network)– corporate claimed that there were two providers nearby.  So, a nurse rep whatever-the-hell-she-called-herself called and she set up a conference call to get a hold of these other providers… Edgemark and… TSC? because I wanted to deal with someone in person, not a mail order outfit. She called Edgemark.  Edgemark customer service rep said they had offices in Ohio and California, but warehouses throughout the country… apparently, some stuffed suit thought Tacoma was close by?  Nope, Tacoma is 3 hours west of us (Seattle is 4).  Spokane?  Nope, 2.5 hrs north.  Yakima, maybe?  Still 1.75h west.

So claim was sent back to corporate… finally I got the waiver approved to In Home Medical.

(Picture me putting my face in my hands.)

Second, the novocaine shots.  No, not in my gums.  In my spine.  Surgeon’s orders, to try to diagnose where my current pain is coming from.  He knows that things are tight on the right side around the nerve, but doesn’t know if it’s the surgical screws, a bone spur, or if the L4/L5 disc is failing.

One of the surgeon’s nurses called to tell me they were waiting on Humana to approve (pre-authorization) these injections.

Because we all love drowning in red tape…

(Picture me facepalming again.)

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5 thoughts on “Humana sucks

  1. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! They are so evil!!!


  2. Thought I’d comment over here instead of on my blog… I generally hate insurance companies. Common sense seems to not be a factor in many of the decisions and compassion is definitely lacking. When my brother was sick I would spend every Sunday at my parents’ house sorting through the mountains of insurance bills and statements. It was a nightmare and it doesn’t even compare to the nightmare other people in similar circumstances deal with. Every single sunday for a year and a half. The worst is that my parents were having to deal with harassing phone calls from the Insurance company during all of this. They were treated so callously and with such disregard for the far that they were watching their son fight for his life. And then to wait to see if the insurance company will cover a procedure??? It is INHUMAN(A) to let a for profit corporation make life or death decisions…. aaarrrrggghhh!!!! But geez, I sure hope they figure out the source of the pain for you. How. Frustrating.


    • I figure I’m lucky… Cimmy and I are on disability, and not working. I think Cimmy and I would struggle a LOT more if we were– that is, working poor. That’s where I think a lot of the real hardship is; people working on less than a living wage, and that their choices for health care are less as a result, because the industry is for-profit in this country.

      We have it relatively better, although I really do get tired of Humana assuming that we’re senior citizens, apparently as the larger majority of people on Medicare are over 65. We also got put on a lot of mailing lists aimed at seniors– for a time, we got junk mail for cremation services.


  3. Hahaha! That pictures describes it so perfectly. Me and hubby cannot stand medical doctors and we don’t even really use our insurance. We are doing our best to do natural remedies as much as possible because using the medications and prescriptions they give actually goes against our beliefs anyway, but you definitely explained one of the reasons why we hate the system. I hope you all get through this and that you are doing better now.


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