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Not an easy task to effectively share so much!


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Probably the hardest part is that my daughter is only 12, and I have to be very careful to monitor how we share her stuff.

She is one of our principal photographers at jaklumen & family

have a sparkler, jak

Another fantastic capture she made on Friday

She wants her own YouTube channel, but for now, I put her videos at my YouTube account.

[This is me sneaking a video shoot of her working on something.]

I am not comfortable with uploading her artwork to my DeviantArt account anymore—maybe I’ll just have to create her one and administrate it myself until she’s old enough.
For now, I share things at jak & Cimmy’s Journal Jar

My dear wife Cimmorene—I love her so much, but I am struggling there too.

I am a visual person. She is audio-visual. Her big thing is that she LOVES to have her writing read aloud to her (like for Cimmy’s Stories), even when it’s not terribly convenient. I am still trying to get her to funnel this desire into producing a podcast. (Why yes, I have a SoundCloud account right here.)

She is a talented artist, too, but I am having a really difficult time getting her to share it online!

This was actually a joint project– I scanned in a pencil drawing she made and then did most of the digital editing. I say “most” because she wasn’t satisfied with the final result, and added a few details.



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3 thoughts on “Not an easy task to effectively share so much!

  1. Lovely to see such a creative family. But drawing the line in sharing is always difficult.


    • Much of the time, I have to mitigate what she’s already shared. When she was much younger, she’d sneak in my instant messaging chats and start talking to my friends.

      I’m a parent that doesn’t brag about how smart my kids are– I’m a parent that usually laments that they’re too smart for their own good 😉


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