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Ten things of thankful: ID4 2014 and more


I’ve started a new 43Things goal for Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.
As always, I’ve added additional long-form edits to this WordPress crosspost.

This weekend brought so much to be thankful for.

1. Our daughter continues to work on her artistic skills. She was our principal photographer and videographer for our trip.

Photo credit: Bill 1939 B at Flickr, a.k.a. “Pop”. My father-in-law decided to take some shots of Princess at work

2. She has friends and family that are cheering her on!  Notably, they include:

the ever-lovely and generous Tahira “TJ” Lubrano

Bill 1939 (her maternal grandfather, as mentioned before)

I’ve been in touch with Dean at Dean’z Doodlez about starting some artistic, creative synergy with his work and the stuff that Cimmy, Princess and I do.  So far, the response has been fantastic!  Please do me a favor and check him out.

3. The gooseberry bush at my in-laws’ house is always ready to harvest (often more ready than my MIL’s liking) every July 4th. They allow us to come each year to pick gooseberries.

It wasn't TOO hot, but we took time during the hottest part of the day to remove the stems and blossoms.  Photo by Princess

It wasn’t TOO hot, but we took time during the hottest part of the day to remove the stems and blossoms. Photo by Princess

4. The Yakama Nation is less stringent about fireworks than our local municipalities, so we go to Toppenish to watch local displays. Although the casino didn’t have funds for a display this year, there was plenty to see from nearby stands.

Oh snap, Princess is better at capturing fireworks than I am!

Oh snap, Princess is better at capturing fireworks than I am!

5. Although we essentially get a free show, Cimmy and the kids have enjoyed lighting sparklers the past few years. Sparklers are banned in our home city.

Do you see now this girl has got talent?  Wow!

Do you see now this girl has got talent? Wow!

6. I spent some time to be mindful of the holiday and talked with my father-in-law about the reality of wartime military service that Friday. Specifically, he served Navy on a nuclear submarine during the Vietnam War.

7. I am grateful that my wife spent some loving and pleasant time with her youngest sister, with our daughter along.

8. I am very glad that my sister-in-law is doing well right now, and that she always welcomes my hugs.

9. Yakima and Toppenish were my other homes at one point. Returning is sometimes bittersweet, but I enjoy returning and recalling many memories.

10. I am grateful for the old highways (WA HWY 22, 241) that are less-traveled. They are a welcome respite from the freeways (SR 395, I-82) and the manner of their drivers.

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20 thoughts on “Ten things of thankful: ID4 2014 and more

  1. Reblogged this on Dean'z Doodlez and commented:
    Hey look! Its-a-me! 😀


  2. Thanks for the shout-out! The favor it shall be returned on Tuesday over on Wee Bit Wordy 😀


  3. Ohhhh I’m so glad you included the gooseberries! Gosh, what a lot of them there are, and a bit smaller than the ones I picked, but they look utterly delicious.

    So lovely that your daughter has such champion cheerleaders as she seeks to improve her photography skills. What fun, and how lovely that she has such huge support and encouragement 🙂


  4. Gooseberries. I’ve never had them. This makes me want to find some. And sparklers banned. Boo. Glad the kiddies got a chance to lit them elsewhere.


    • If you lived near us, I can assure you that you’d get a pie out of the deal. I warn people: “You’ve never had gooseberry pie? Don’t let Cimmorene hear you say that– she’ll make sure she changes that for you.” Actually, I usually tell them that I’m going to tell her anyways. And oh, sometimes I regret that a little– some of the most beautiful pies she’s made were given away. But sharing the love is always worth it.

      Re: sparklers– I have yet to upload all the videos Princess did, but there should be a good one at soon


    • Oh… even better… I decided to update the post with a few of Princess’s (our daughter) videos of the sparklers and other fireworks.


  5. A mighty fine photographer you have there!


  6. Im gonna go back and hit the link but before I forget I wanted to ask what gooseberries are like…are they sweet or sour? Nice week and well shot vids! Compliments to the chief videographer!


    • It depends a lot on how much you allow them to ripen. They’re easiest to pick when they’re still tart, but we picked them when they were sweeter. We discovered today that my son had eaten the majority of the berries we destemmed and deflowered– I don’t think he quite understands that takes away from pie later!


  7. Have to admit, I’ve never tried gooseberries and am now curious. I may have to go hunting for them….

    The fireworks look great – looks like you had a nice evening there with the family.


  8. My mom sure loves gooseberry pie. There is a Mennonite bakery about 30 miles from her that sometimes has them, so she treats herself every once in awhile (no one else in the family likes gooseberries).
    My daughter takes more selfies than anything else. Maybe I should get her directed towards taking some REAL pictures like your daughter is doing!


    • I’d be interested to know how it goes. Princess takes a selfie now and then, but yeah, she has some real talent. Bill (my father-in-law, as I mentioned) has been a hobbyist photographer for over 40 years, so I really do appreciate his support.


  9. I have an artistic daughter too. Glad you had such a great holiday.


    • Have you shared any of her work in any of your blog posts? I would like to see them.

      And thank you very much! I hope your weekend was good, too. These are new traditions for us that so far have been going relatively well (until everyone gets overtired).


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