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Insurance and the TENS unit


In the meantime, the TENS unit I got a while back—didn’t get paid for. Insurance did not pay for it and I spaced a letter the manufacturer sent.

So I’ve been playing phone tag with my physiotherapist’s office, my physician’s office, and insurance trying to get something set up that insurance WILL pay for.

Today I was told that we are waiting for my physician to return on Monday to add his signature to the waiver paperwork.

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3 thoughts on “Insurance and the TENS unit

  1. Hey there. Look, I’m licensed. And let me tell you…I KNOW about tens units. They will chg your insurance out the sky into the outer space for a unit you can BUY for less than $50. They will chg your ins up to $600.
    Please go ck out this website. They are awesome and they are fast. Tens units for the reg person are only used simply for the same thing. A tens unit works the muscle they electric stem so it tires the muscle and it naturally stops spasmsing.

    Look at the “LG-3000” professional. It will come with the case and pads. It runs off a 9volt. It can clip to your belt. You can also buy the pads I diff sizes from them. That unit is all you need.
    Trust me.
    And and other thing ALOT of ins company’s do is sell you a re/used tens. I know this for sure.
    The unit I suggest is the same one I have seen drs use and chg $4-600. It is $34.99.
    Let me know if you can’t get it. But you should be fine.
    Good luck!


    • I will take this under consideration, Lisa.

      My problem right now is nerve damage, actually, and inflammation. The ONLY thing that effectively stopped the pain almost completely was a spinal cord neurostimulator. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, I mentioned that I had Medtronic’s trial spinal cord neurostimulator, which went very, very well. However, when I was referred to a surgeon for a permanent implant, I was told he wanted to extract one set of the screws used to fuse my L5 and S1 vertebrae, since a CT scan showed they had “slipped” and were too close to the spinal cord.


      • I haven’t read up all the way. I was reading and only because I have been in the midst of changing my blog.

        I went back and re looked. Actually you can order one for $28.

        It will give you same thing. The more expensive ones only offer more modalities which I don’t know why. As for stem I would rather have it goin full speed on at a constant anyway. No need for extras. This is more like a small transitor radio with two dials. The other high priced models are digital. No big deal. They all have a plastic peice that comes down over top that is easy to keep both from nov in the dial up or the digital up. I’d rather have the the dial personally. I have seen so many times the ins companies rip people off with these. For $28!? They will charge your ins a hell of a lot of money. Plus this company I’m pretty sure you get a set of pads and it comes with battery. Ready to go. You can order more pads. Larger too. Glad I saw and could help! I’ll try to catch up on your story. You got it all the way down to the bottom. Tough spot. Sorry too. Get well soon!


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