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A way out of the Abyss?


See Nightmares in the Abyss for the full context.

So, I called the agency to set up an appointment for intake.  I got a call back JUST as we were rushing out the door to get Princess to a pediatrician’s appointment.  Yes, my mental health is important, but, the priority went to my daughter.  I agreed that I would call the agency back.

Best of all, it was her decision.

She asked Cimmy as I dropped them and Boy off: “Will I have to get a shot?”  Well, I found out later that she did get one– an HPV vaccine.  Cimmy was brilliant as usual.  She said that she told the nurse that she should explain why she should get the vaccine, and if the nurse convinced Princess, she’d consent.  I’m so pleased– my daughter is continuing to take ownership in her healthcare.  Both Cimmy and I want her to be informed; we certainly don’t think that accepting the vaccine equals sexual promiscuity.  (Just an aside– last visit, she had a question for her pediatrician about the shape a certain part of her genitals.  She later wanted to know what I thought, and was worried I might be angry… I wasn’t.  I assured her things were fine, and normal.  Again, I’m glad that she’s pro-active about her healthcare.)

In the meantime, I was setting up membership for her to come with Cimmy and I to the gym for the summer.  My father agreed to fund it, so while the others had been at the pediatric clinic, I was at the gym, making the arrangements, and taking a brief moment to do some quick waterwalking.

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4 thoughts on “A way out of the Abyss?

  1. What a great idea for vaccinations. Wish my folks had thought of that. I was terrified of shots!


  2. Very nice! So important to have that line of communication open. And awesome on the water walking, I used to to that a lot and loved it.


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