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Nightmares in the Abyss


Usually my dreams, even those of the dark nightmare side, are just strange and bizarre, not horrifying.

But last night, I was molested and raped by a woman vaguely resembling Anne Hathaway.

It was kinda like this, but less blonde, not quite so obviously desperate, and much more soul-sucking

About the most I can explain is this woman jumping on me, and saying something like “Do you want to stick your tongue in my mouth?” and going quickly hardcore porn after that. It wasn’t cool, it wasn’t sexy, and somehow, I was powerless to resist any of it. And worse, I was thinking how upset and hurt Cimmy would be. And then there was an odd montage of jewelry falling into my lap… for her (this woman, not Cimmy) to wear.

About the only thing I understood was that it was in a classroom setting. So many of my dreams are about school– college, university– and about apartment life, and I know where that comes from. This, I have no idea.

Cimmy tells me there’s a therapist at the agency that’s a guy, and might be a good choice to see.  I’m not sure I want to get back on the wild therapy pony, but after this nightmare, I’m reconsidering.  I just don’t like to be rushed, although I know how the agency is stretched thin and this guy’s caseload will fill up fast and full if I don’t take action soon.

Then there’s tonight– a family function for a segment of my extended family that are drama-whores, passive-aggressive, or both. I can’t sugarcoat this. I am for sure going for the extended family that loves Cimmy and I unconditionally. The rest… I don’t know.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

3 thoughts on “Nightmares in the Abyss

  1. Yikes. Dreams can be incredibly disturbing when they linger like that. Especially when there is an element of guilt– I hate that.


  2. People really hate Anne Hathaway. I kind of find her hot.


    • I actually tease younger sister #2 because we both find her quite appealing in that way.

      I get the feeling that Anne’s actually a lovely, grounded individual, which made this nightmare all the creepier. I don’t believe that she herself would be so quick to such soul-sucking behavior. She really seems devoid of Hollywood pretentiousness.


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