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From the 43Things archives: Understanding my son (#26)

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With Father’s Day coming tomorrow, Nerd In The Brain’s musing on the 100 Happy Days challenge, and Bradley “Green Embers” Corbett’s “Building Rome” blog event, I decided to dig into the progress I have been doing at 43Things called “identify 100 things that make me happy”.  This was an entry from almost two years ago:

See also (Children #3, just to establish a count)

My son has gotten older, and we discovered a few years ago that he has autism. While there is so much that frustrates me with his special needs, he has changed my life so much. He is a very tactile person, and that loving touch between him and I, whether wrestling, hugs, or tickles… that REALLY has filled a deep and previously unmet need for me. (A moment ago, I could hear him playing with my wife, and the sound of his laughter filled me with joy.)

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