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the path of the sage must become the path of the hero

A Memory Reloaded.

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I remembered and linked to this in a response to Samara’s post I Walked In At 7 am; Dirty, Drunk…

the tao of jaklumen

Please note that I am not really looking for opinions; for opinions are subjective and many. I’m just hoping to hash this out after having mused on it for a few days. Insight is fine; I’ll carefully consider them and then mull over it a little more.

First, a little background:

I met this woman a number of years ago– approximately 1991 or 1992. There’s no question she definitely had opinions of her own, although they tended to be somewhat muted in their frequency and expression. She was writing to me when I attended Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho). That first year ended quickly; mental illness, repressed childhood trauma, etc. began coming to a head, and I was kicked out of the school– another story in and of itself, in early 1993.

We crossed paths again later that year– but she had suddenly decided to get married. His name was Clint…

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