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The stench of stigma

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Pardon me while I play devil’s advocate for a moment:

If you remember Beth Teliho’s post The Phone Call, then well, you understand that it can be really frustrating to see loved ones struggle, or even worse, reject treatment. As in those situations where you can see they’re not well, but, you’re not sure if they do.

Not to say that treatment is easy– I took the psychiatric and psychological routes, and they’re hard roads to travel. My health got wrecked on psychiatric drugs (and I still have excess weight that won’t come off yet), so I understand that meds are a difficult choice. Even alternative paths like supplements, meditation are still difficult, and must be as rigorous as med therapy, but in different ways.

Of course, I can come right back around and say that things would be easier if people could view mental health as manageable, like diabetes. Except, it’s more complicated in some ways. And I was fortunate. I had friends and family that were very supportive, and I know many people don’t have such a network.

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One thought on “The stench of stigma

  1. You’re welcome. Please take a moment to visit Amanda’s blog (From One Crazy Life to Another/Spreadin’ Smiles) if you haven’t already. She’s been trying to spread positive vibes and it hasn’t been quite as successful as she would like it to be.


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