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Update from the physician’s assistant


The surgeon doesn’t want to do a neurostimulator just yet.  He thinks that one set of the screws (on the right side) is close enough to the nerve root that it’s causing me pain.  The bone graft for the fusion has already long set; it’s been about 3 years where the graft sets in about 9 months (I recovered in a year, actually) and so they could be removed with little consequence.

I was fully aware, however, that they’d be cutting a new incision along the scar tissue on the right to get it out, so, recovery time would be roughly half or so what my initial surgery was.

I could have a neurostimulator later, if that were deemed necessary, but it’s easier to remove the screws before a permanent implant of a neurostimulator, than after.

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3 thoughts on “Update from the physician’s assistant

  1. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Jak. How do you feel about this? I am sorry there are no easy solutions. 😦 Positive Thoughts headed your way, amigo!


  2. Hope they do that surgery quickly and easily – and it helps reduce your pain.


  3. Good luck, my friend!


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