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The Surfer Regains Humanity: Return to the Outer Journey

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Since I’m still waiting to see about a permanent stimulator implant and I’m not sure how much wrestling I’ll do with pain until then, I’ll be reworking and reposting some series I’ve done earlier. This week I am reposting, reworking, and continuing the Silver Surfer and the Hero’s Journey series.

I am glossing over some details a little bit.  Going back to the comic book cover of “The Coming of Galactus!” I will quickly note that another character called The Watcher fulfills the role of Supernatural Aid in the outer sphere of the Journey, as far as Earth and the Fantastic Four are concerned.

Uatu “The Watcher” warned Earth of the coming of Galactus

I had said in The FF4 meet the Silver Surfer: The Outer Call to Adventure that the Silver Surfer was an unknown to them.  But since I wished to focus on the Silver Surfer as The Hero, I focused on his origin story as an inner component, with the previous posts.

Although Galactus had taken the memories of Norrin Radd and had compelled his service (in this case, overriding his desire to scout out uninhabited worlds), the Silver Surfer still yearned to understand his place in the universe.  He sorrowed at the hostility he found, even on Earth.  A woman called Alicia Masters, a blind sculptor and romantic partner to Thing (of the FF4), appealed to him.

Alicia Masters is able to intuitively sense the inner Norrin Radd and his compassion, despite the exterior of the Surfer. The fact that she is blind further emphasizes this intuition

She is a Known bridging the Unknown.  I find it difficult to call this an Atonement; the closest thing to a Father is Galactus, or maybe The Watcher.  It is clear, though, that Alicia Masters, and then the Fantastic Four, unlock the humanity within the Surfer.  Apparently, Norrin Radd is not completely dead.

Perhaps it is a folding back on the Ordeal, because the inner suffering and goodness of the Surfer is revealed.  After this, the Surfer decides to spare Earth and rebel against Galactus.

NEXT POST IN THE SERIES: Galactus is Defeated: Return With Elixir

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