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Sacrifices: Norrin Radd’s Threshhold

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Since I’m still waiting to see about a permanent stimulator implant and I’m not sure how much wrestling I’ll do with pain until then, I’ll be reworking and reposting some series I’ve done earlier. This week I am reposting, reworking, and continuing the Silver Surfer and the Hero’s Journey series.

The Call to Adventure is not without sacrifice.

So it was too, with Norrin Radd.

Not only would he say goodbye to his world, but to the love of his life, Shalla-Bal.

Furthermore, as “herald”, it is possible that not all life can be spared, as Galactus declares:

When hunger truly strikes, I will not hesitate to feed.

When hunger truly strikes, I will not hesitate to feed.

This is the crossing of the Inner Threshhold, and also the Ordeal. Such Temptations and Challenges, so to speak, will turn up later again in the story of the Silver Surfer.

NEXT POST IN THE SERIES: Norrin Radd becomes the Silver Surfer: Death and Rebirth by Transformation

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