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It’s Electric! (Q & A Time for the Electric Slide… errr, Fence)


Ooo, it’s shocking!

backside layout

Picking up from where I left off with Electric Fences and Spinal Cord Stim and The trial version of the electric fence

I’ve been putting my Medtronic representative Nick through his paces– I managed to ask a question he hadn’t heard before:

“Can I still use my TENS unit while on the trial period?”

Now, I found out the answers are more concrete about the permanent procedure (where the battery is implanted under my skin instead of a cord to an external battery coming out of my back, like it is now) than the trial procedure.  But, to sum up, the answer was basically don’t have both stim systems going at the same time.  Where some people go back to physiotherapy after the permanent procedure is done, some of their physiotherapists call Meditronic and ask similar questions, and this is much of the answer they give them.  I was also told that it was unwise to put the electrodes for a TENS unit over the implanted battery (e.g., again, after the permanent procedure).

It was heartening to have Nick tell me I was a “poster child” for the procedure, i.e., I was taking everything fairly realistically and in stride.  It was also heartening to have him echo similar sentiments to my doctor, in that I was level-headed about it all.

But speaking of questions, do you have any more?  Please, don’t hesitate to ask!  I promise I won’t be offended or intimidated– I believe in asking questions as means to educate.


Something new to my blogging style: This post was inspired by Joy at Joynpain2. My doctor and his partner had trouble inserting the leads as far up as they wanted to put them, because apparently, there was adhesions/scar tissue blocking the way, and causing the lead to bow out.  I thought of Joy, as she writes about her struggles with pelvic and abdominal adhesions.  It hurt a lot as the doctor kept poking– as Joy also writes about chronic pain, it was nice to think of a friend.

And as Zoe says at behindthemaskofabuse says, there is hope!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Electric! (Q & A Time for the Electric Slide… errr, Fence)

  1. I really hope this delivers the results you were hoping for. Rest up.


  2. Can you take an ‘electric’ shower/bath and still live to tell about it? LOL. So glad you are the poster trial child! Keep it up! Fantastico!


  3. My brother in law has an electric implant to help him walk normally. It was a successful proceure, and though he has to go to get the batteries swapped every few years, he can run around normally with his kid.
    Hope your results are as good!


    • It’s out, now… time to move on to the permanent procedure. I guess Medtronic is a bit unusual offering a trial procedure, but, then, it seems they had the patent for the technology.

      Things went very well… I’ll have an update soon!


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