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Not Without Incident: Master of Two Worlds and Crossing the Return Threshold

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The unplugged week is over, but I still need time to get things done and prepare for spinal cord stimulator therapy.  Please continue to enjoy these posts (even if you’ve read them before).

After his revelation that he is Father now, Dupont taunts Preston, claiming that his quest has failed, and that Preston will surrender to him “entirely without incident”.

Although the polygraph meter is flailing now, indicating strong emotion (possibly rage), Preston protests, “No. Not without incident,” and the meter flatlines, suggesting he is able to return to an emotionless state as he was as Libria’s top-ranking Cleric, or the “Angel of Death” as Kurt Wimmer explains himself in the audio commentary.

After blowing the projection screen (with the image of Dupont) to bits, Preston proceeds to the Hall of Mirrors, the final challenge and gateway before the Tetragrammaton Council Chamber.

“I’m coming.”

NEXT POST IN THE SERIES: Preston dispatches Brandt: Road of Trials is complete

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