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Preston dispatches Brandt: Road of Trials is complete

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The unplugged week is over, but I still need time to get things done and prepare for spinal cord stimulator therapy.  Please continue to enjoy these posts (even if you’ve read them before).

Preston’s arrival reveals that the Tetragrammaton Council is rotten and hypocritical to the core, opulent and ostentatious to a level that would scarcely be permitted by the masses (i.e., it would be labeled offensive and subject to destruction by burning).  The Council cares only about power and control, and like many tyrannical dictators, does not follow the rules set for whom they rule.

Preston quickly dispatches about a half dozen Clerics, as well as Brandt, literally cutting off not just his smug expression, but his entire face.  The Road of Trials is essentially over, but not before dealing with Dupont.

NEXT POST IN THE SERIES: Final Fight: Confronting the Powerless Father and Atonement with the Mother

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