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Preston becomes a Sense Offender: Apotheosis


The unplugged week is over, but I still need time to get things done and prepare for spinal cord stimulator therapy.  Please continue to enjoy these posts (even if you’ve read this before).

Preston is so grief-stricken in public that Brandt arrests him for sense offense, first publicly shaming him to the masses before bringing him to Vice-Counsel Dupont.  In a clever turnaround, however, he leads Dupont to believe that Brandt was guilty of all his crimes, including the murder of the Sweeps in the Nether (see Preston further embraces emotion: Belly of the Whale).  Brandt is hauled off, presumably to meet judgement and execution by incineration.

Dupont informs Preston that while Brandt is guilty, his home must be searched according to the law.  Racing home, Preston goes to check the mirror of the bathroom where he had been hiding the Prozium, and discovers his son with the vials, apparently implying it wasn’t a very good hiding place.  Preston asks him, “How long?”, suspecting that somehow his son had ceased the dose and had hidden it better, even from him.  Robbie reveals that he and his sister had done so since their mother did.  Preston’s next question, “How did you know?” leads Robbie to utter a familiar refrain that Preston and Brandt had each uttered: “It’s my job to know what you’re thinking.”

“Then you know what I’m going to do now,” Preston replies, and his son nods, which leads to our next post concerning Atonement with the Father.

HeroesjourneyRebirthTransformationNEXT POST IN THE SERIES: Preston meets with Father: Beginning of the Return

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  1. Good luck with treatment!


  2. Thank you, Toni-san. Just one more week to go…


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