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Questions for Mary: Meeting with the Goddess

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Cimmy, myself, and the kids are observing an unplugged week, so it’s time for a week+ of reruns. Also, I’ve been in horrid pain, so creating new posts is tough. Please enjoy (even if you’ve read this before).

For the sake of time and content, I’m skipping over Movieclip’s seventh clip, “Joining the Resistance” (part of “He’s A Sense Offender!” on the disc).  I will sum up by saying that scene is another raid on a Resistance holdout, and Preston shows mercy towards the group (leading them to escape), only to be foiled by Brandt.  Although Brandt challenges him to start the execution: “Cleric, Father’s orders are clear– sense offenders are to be shot on sight.” he insists that Brandt take the command.

I move ahead to the next scene, “Questions for Mary,” where Mary O’Brien becomes the Goddess figure, as well as a Threshold guide.

Preston takes a moment to mourn Partridge privately, and a Processing employee brings him the last of his personal effects, that are not scheduled to be destroyed.  One is a metal wallet full of photos, one turned over with “Freedom” written on it, and the photo of Patridge and O’Brien together.  He decides to interrogate Mary O’Brien once more.

After confronting her with the picture and confessing that he executed Partridge himself, O’Brien flies into a rage, trying to attack him with the pencil lying on the interrogation form and clipboard.  As Preston blocks her and binds her down on the interrogation table, he suddenly realizes he feels lust for her, and intuits that therefore she had been intimate with Partridge.

Preston discovers sexual attraction and romantic love

Jurgen confirms by polygraph that Preston is now very emotionally moved by O’Brien, to a sexual and romantic extent– he feels love.  Preston meets with her again after promising Vice-Counsel Dupont he will root out the Resistance (as Dupont further suspects Preston of treachery and betrayal) and promising Jurgen that he will arrange to kill Father.

In spite of Jurgen’s warnings to avoid seeing O’Brien again, Preston tries to stop O’Brien’s execution by incineration, seeing too many emotional parallels to his own wife’s execution by the same (after viewing archival video footage).  He fails.

In the next post, I will explore how Preston’s breakdown and accusal of sense offense by Brandt leads to his Apotheosis.

NEXT POST IN THE SERIES: Preston becomes a Sense Offender: Apotheosis

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