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Preston grapples with emotion: Crossing of the Threshold

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Cimmy, myself, and the kids are observing an unplugged week, so it’s time for a week+ of reruns. Also, I’ve been in horrid pain, so creating new posts is tough. Please enjoy (even if you’ve read this before).

In the preceding posts of this series, I established that Preston’s son Robbie is the Guardian of the Threshold, and Mary O’ Brien is its guide.  He came to them by way of a dream of his wife, who had been executed for sense offense.

John Preston goes through a second dream and awakening, after looking over his sleeping children and examining a vial of Prozium from his injection gun, musing on the significance.  The dream sequence now is Preston witnessing his dead partner, Partridge, being incinerated, while remembering Mary O’Brien saying: “Without love, breath is just a clock ticking.”

Preston awakes to find there is beauty hidden behind his wrapped window: a rainbow of colors from a sunrise, refracted through the rain.  I think the scene has deeper implications; although the Tetragrammaton Council suppresses content made by humans, it is unable to suppress the beauty of nature, and Preston realizes he can tear away the facade.

Crossing of the Threshold

Crossing of the Threshold

NEXT POST IN THE SERIES: Preston further embraces emotion: Belly of the Whale


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