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the path of the sage must become the path of the hero

It’a about the journey…REALLY???

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I think that applying the Hero’s Journey to everyday life requires an understanding that the process, or the steps along the path, are equally important as the destination. In this article, Kenneth Justice notes that the people has met along the way have been just as interesting as the people he has met at the various coffee shops he has stopped at in his “Drinking in the Culture Tour”. Indeed, many such people have been the focus in his blog posts of late (as well as meeting his readers) as he chronicles his experiences for this tour, reflecting on the many issues he has written about.

Culture Monk

A picture from my recent trip to Atlanta - somewhere in the Appalachian mountains A picture from my recent trip to Atlanta – somewhere in the Appalachian mountains

By Kenneth Justice

It seems so romantic traveling to so many different cities and visiting people at coffee shops” she said

~ I was sitting at Union Station in Chicago last weekend waiting to board my departure train when all of a sudden I realized I was in the middle of a conversation with a couple I just met. They asked what I was doing in Chicago and after hearing about my Drinking in the Culture Tour the woman got fairly excited,

That’s so cool! It must be so exciting to be doing this; what’s been your favorite part of the year so far?” she asked

I was prepared to give her my standard response when people ask me questions about the coffee house tour but all of a sudden it dawned…

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