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Spinal cord stim therapy is back on.


Steph followed up her What’s Your Electric Fence? with ROAR – How you doin’ Peeps? and I let her know what was happening with my “electric fence”.  When I read her reply, I realize I hadn’t explained the tangled mess of things very well at all, especially when I wrote No spinal stim implant for now.

Please bear with me, dear readers.  This is going to be long.  But I hope things will be clearer now.

    1. This first procedure is only a “test run”.  See Screening Test for Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulation if you want the full-on details.
    2. The “test run” procedure was supposed to happen before New Year’s.  I was so hot to trot, but then I got the trots.  Too much of a risk for infection.

      And this was only hours before the procedure was scheduled.

    3. The triage nurse at Pinnacle Pain Center seemed to suggest that I’d have to wait 6 to 12 months to reschedule.
    4. I canceled all of my appointments at Pinnacle, and went back to the doctor I received cortisone epidural #5 from at Kadlec Neuroscience.  I figured since he had mentioned spinal cord stim therapy, maybe I could get to do it earlier than 6 months away.  Actually, I got to talk to the nurse practitioner again.  The answer was no.  This was what No spinal stim implant for now was about.
    5. So I went back to Pinnacle Pain and made an appointment to see Dr. D again.  I realized he would have rescheduled pretty much any time– not 6 to 12 months away, anyways.  Triage nurse made a huge blunder.  Doc D had been under the impression I didn’t want to work with him anymore.  No, I said, I thought I’d have to wait and I was exploring my options. Doc D sent a message to a Medtronics rep to answer more questions and I said I’d take a month to think things over.
    6. More of my body doing the Hippy Hippy Shake came along.  As in a near week of Shake, Rattle, and Roll:
    7. Went back to Doc D with Dad and Cimmorene to ask to schedule the “test drive” right away– well, April 14th was the best I could get.

I hope that makes MUCH more sense!  Spinal cord stim: Take 2…

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2 thoughts on “Spinal cord stim therapy is back on.

  1. Wow what an ordeal! Spinal stem stimulation take 2 is bound to be better right?


    • Yup, now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up. It’ll be done in very much the same way as the cortisone injections I had– because the leads go into the epidural space, it’ll be threaded by epidural needle. The permanent implant will involve more, but not to what they’d call “invasive” surgery like fusing two of my vertebrae was.


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