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Looking to the Journey Ahead, part 3

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Mother Nature is once again exacting her toll on me, dear readers.  I am generally grateful for rain, especially as there has been a concern about a possible drought in our area, but humidity generally is just painful.  (It’s painful whether it’s cold or hot outside.)

Anyways, it has made blogging difficult.  I can never seem to schedule things enough ahead.

A Zero to Hero's JourneyThe next thing I wanted to talk about was continuing to build on Zero to Hero.  You may recall that the event challenge is over, and I figured I had done most of the challenges– even if I only had entries for about half of them.  I was still considering using an editorial calendar (Day 29), to give you all an idea of what to look forward to.

When I looked back to the Zero to Hero page, I found this addition at the beginning:

This page will be temporarily removed as of March 1 while we revamp the course. If you’re working your way through the tasks, feel free to paste the content into a file on your computer for ongoing reference after March 1.

Interesting.  I wonder how WordPress will revamp things.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll try to meet the Day 29 challenge, to use an editorial calendar.  It’s tempting to just wait and see how they develop “the course” further.


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