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(Last) Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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I went back to last week’s photo challenge– incidentally, I’d only missed one since I did the Window challenge.

This week, it’s about family.

I’ll do something a little different.  Flickr allows short videos, and calls them “long pictures”.  This was at my son’s last birthday party:

Birthday card

Cimmy shows Boy one of his birthday cards

If you’d like to see even more pictures of our family, Cimmy posted Zero to Hero Day 27: Revisit a task and a post which is about “the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person [she’s] the closest to”.  There are pictures with Cimmy, Princess, and Boy– not just myself.

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One thought on “(Last) Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. (((hugs))) Yeah, I love family photos, too, especially any that are really expressive.


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