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No spinal stim implant for now


While Cimmy and I were away getting some groceries and lunch, the nurse at the specialist’s office called (i.e., she left a message.  No, not voicemail– we kick it old-school with answering machine hardware).

The doctor refuses to proceed with a stimulator implant.

So I can go back to the pain center and wait 6 to 12 months for another chance.

Have no idea what I’m talking about?  See here, here, and here.

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6 thoughts on “No spinal stim implant for now

  1. Oh that is too bad, jak! Sometimes, I think doctors just keep referring patients back to other doctors and tests. Kind of like, “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine.” No pun intended.
    Feel better soon.


    • Thanks, C.C. I requested the referrals myself, mostly because the doctor at the pain center was fully ready to proceed, but I couldn’t do it on the day appointed. So I find it strange that the doctor who informed me about the procedure in the first place now won’t do it. So, this morning, I asked that the referral be sent back to the pain center, and now I guess I’ll wait six months to a year.


  2. Did the doctor have a reason???


    • There was no explanation or reasoning that I could tell– the nurse said simply “he feels that’s not a step that he is willing to take” and “not interested”, but nothing more than that.


      • Egad. Are you looking for a different (more communicative) doctor?


        • Well, I’ll go back to the doctor (I’ll refer to him as Dr. D) I was seeing at the pain center… the drawback was simply because I had the *cough* trots on the day of the procedure, I couldn’t do it that day and the triage nurse said they only did that procedure once or twice a year. I guess that makes a certain amount of sense since Dr. D is young and still somewhat fresh– I think he might be younger than me, actually, if not very close to my age.

          I’ve had problems with Dr. B, the other doctor, before. I do trust him somewhat because he did my fifth epidural cortisone injection. However, I explained to him before he did it that I did not respond to cortisone very well at all, but he said, since it was in a new area (L4-L5; my surgery was a fusion on L5-S1) that it should do better.

          By the time I came back to say, “See, it didn’t work,” I was meeting with his nurse since he was out of the country. Last Monday, I told her, “Cortisone just doesn’t work well at all” because since the previous injection, I’d also had a cortisone shot right into my right surgery scar (and that HURT), but it only lasted maybe a day.

          This nurse had also been a little pushy about bariatric weight loss surgery, which I would have to do a separate psych eval for anyways, and the psychologist explained that to me.

          To sum up, yeah, I don’t think I’ll go back. But my options are always limited, being on Medicaid and Medicare, and being on a special needs plan for Medicare with Humana– Humana is good, but does not have a lot of providers available to me.


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