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A leap ahead – Zero to Hero Days 9-12


Day 9 assignment: Follow five more blogs and/or topics.

Day 10 assignment: add and customize two widgets.

Day 11 assignment: leave comments on at least three blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Day 12 assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Now normally, I wouldn’t try to blow through four challenges like this.  I’ve got a ways to go to catch up, actually; the challenge is currently on Day 21.

But I had to reiterate just how much Come for Company (C4C) is blowin’ up my blog, as well as continually prompting me to do stuff that easily aces all of these challenges.

You remember this one, right?  I heard it's coming back for Valentine's Day

You remember this one, right? I heard it’s coming back for Valentine’s Day

It started with rarasaur’s Come on, baby, spend Christmas with me!  At the time, C4C was known as “Come For Christmas”.

Now, let me briefly point out that Rara is a blogging powerhouse and does a lot of promotional posts– this is by no means her first.  I found that even partly following her whirlwind, I discovered a LOT of new blogs.  (Yes, I haven’t completely followed EVERY blog she promoted, or I’d be drowning in blogs by now.)

As I noted on my reblog of her post, this was good timing as neither my parents nor my in-laws would be with us at Christmas.  Both Cimmy and I decided to volunteer, which meant we were added as Contributors to that blog.  (If Zero to Hero makes mention of contributing to a blog… there you go.)

RuleofStupid gave instructions on how to set up a widget with the badge he designed for the site.  You can’t see it now, because I have it set to Inactive.  And even though he expanded his idea to cover other holidays as well as Christmas, no, I won’t count this widget twice.

The next holiday was New Year’s, so, I wrote C4C For New Year’s? It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

The bloggers I have met (or got to know better) by way of C4C:

and yes, I have left comments on EACH and EVERY single one of those blogs.  Some more than one.  Some I am slowly catching up to.  Yes, I am following all of them.

So that’s Day 9 and Day 11 challenges down.

Calamity Rae asked for a Follow Blog widget specifically.  I’d never really thought that following by e-mail would be necessary, except, well, I think it was when she just had a self-hosted blog at the time.

Then I decided it’d be more efficient to combine that widget with the widget I made for Zero to Hero Day 2: What’s this blog about, anyways? Or rather, I decided to take the text of that widget I made for the Day 2 Challenge and put it into the Follow Blog widget.

That’s not counting other widgets that I already added to this blog when I started, like the Flickr one.  Or the image widget I had when speaker7 mentioned Wordle.  And that’s not counting the widgets I marked inactive as they didn’t fit with the new theme I picked for Starting the transformation (Zero to Hero Day 5).

That’s Day 10 challenge down several times over.

I’m not sure if I left a post on The Matticus Kingdom before, but when I read The Return of the Official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War, I just KNEW I had to get involved and declare my support for Marvel Comics.

I mean, c’mon… I have an ENTIRE category posts regarding The Silver Surfer and how the story of his journey from Norrin Radd to Herald of Galactus and his meeting with the Fantastic Four follows the Hero’s Journey TWICE OVER.  (And I haven’t even gotten to the Infinity Gauntlet series that crossed over all Marvel comics, let alone that featured Surfer very prominently!)  I have blogged about The Silver Surfer consistently, from LiveJournal, to VOX, to WordPress.

I will probably write more posts, and link to Cimmorene’s posts for Team Marvel…

So that’s Day 12 Challenge down, at least in part.

But I’m sure I’ve done the Day 12 challenge several times– one of the finer points in blogging etiquette that I learned from liliales when I was at VOX– if I make a comment that gets too long on another blog, it’s usually best to make a post on my own blog about it (and link back).  While I’ve met a few bloggers that are okay with long comments, I have read a few posts that I figured it would be good to write my own post in response.  And then there are a few posts that inspired me to dig down into my archive (both of VOX, and of WordPress, which is all here).  And I’ve done a LOT of that lately, actually.

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41 thoughts on “A leap ahead – Zero to Hero Days 9-12

  1. Go Team Marvel!
    Awesome that you were part of the C4C stuff going on over the holidays. I thought that was a great idea and was really proud (not sure that is the right word, but maybe it is) of everyone who volunteered some time to hang out and chat with anyone and everyone who stopped by. Good stuff.


  2. I’m not sure I’m going to write a post about Marvel. I commented my support for Marvel on DJMatticus’ blog. Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed watching your blog evolve, my love. It’s excellent. However, I have to say I’ll be grateful when this challenge thing is over with.


  3. I liked that Adam Warlock’s huge complicated strategy was to have every hero in the Marvel Universe distract Thanos, and then get Silver Surfer to just grab the gauntlet off his hand. Like, just GRAB it when he’s not looking. Seriously, Adam Warlock, that was the best you could come up with?


    • As I said, I still have yet to really read the story, but yep, that’s more or less how it was explained to me by a friend who’s been my long term DM/GM. He also explained Adam put the glove on, snapped his fingers (to activate the glove’s power, of course) and then said, “I wish this never happened.”

      Of course then we got two sequel series, Infinity War and Infinity Crusade. Infinity War managed to cross into one of the comics I *was* actually collecting at the time.


  4. Have you ever seen that movie with Richard Here where he’s a huge fanboy of Silver Surfer?
    Go team Marvel!


  5. Nice post, wrong team, but you already knew I was going to say that 🙂


    • Right! But not a worry, Sheena. I am passionate about Marvel, but not to the point I’d get upset or mad. I think I mentioned one of my friends (who is a HUGE comic book collector) who said he just follows good writing, right? The industry has commented that readers are more of that opinion now. Even the industry itself doesn’t stay loyal; the current editor in chief of DC, Jim Lee, got very famous doing artwork for X-Men titles at Marvel in the early ’90s.

      So actually, I think it’s great that Matt has encouraged the old Marvel vs. DC rivalry– I think it’s a healthy and good thing for the comic book industry.


      • Oh, I agree. I am always up for a debate as long as it doesn’t get ugly. This was definitely a good tug-of-war topic to start out with!


  6. *placeholder comment for person who doesn’t read comics but still admires your ferocity to stretching yourself in your blogging*


    • Fair enough, Guap.

      It’s really fun so far… I haven’t seen a post from Rara yet but Dave (GraysonQueen) tells me she’s for DC, and almost swayed him, but he’s solidly for Marvel.

      It’s turning out to be a really fun event, and I’m really enjoying seeing the reasoning from bloggers on both sides.


  7. every time I click on your page it seems like there is a ton of new stuff going on… you create all the various artwork for your theme and whatnot? cuz if you do its pretty cool dude.


    • Which artwork are you referring to? If it’s just the theme itself, I can’t claim ownership on that– the GreyZed theme is a freebie from WordPress, and doesn’t allow for much customization.

      If you’re referring to the recent photos/images in Flickr site widget, I can’t claim that, either; that’s all my daughter’s work.

      If you’re referring to the Zero to Hero .gif animation, well, that’s a derivative work, using the Zero to Hero banner that WordPress created, along with a modified hiker dude from a Monomyth/Hero’s Journey cycle image from Wikipedia that was originally developed at 4Chan.

      If you’re referring to the Blog for Mental Health 2014 Badge, that credit belongs to Piper Macenzie.

      The only work I can really claim as original is the photographs, and even then some of them are shots that my wife (Cimmorene) and my daughter took.

      I am glad that you like the new look, and all the artwork in it, however! It gives me confirmation that this Zero to Hero challenge is worthwhile.


  8. Brilliant blog post… about blogging!


    • When you put it like that, it sounds like it should be easy… but sometimes, it’s really not!

      I’m really grateful to WordPress for coming up with this Zero to Hero challenge. I think it’s really doing me some real good.

      I need to start reaching out to more of the participants, though…


  9. Holy Trouser-Jam Jaklumen! You’re seriously getting you blog-on!
    Thanks for the on-going promo’s – glad to see you’re making Blends. Bit jealous really as I’m back in a real job where I’m not even allowed to have my phone on! So much love, so little blog!!
    See you Valentines at least 🙂 Keep on bloggin’


  10. I would have to consult with Mr. Weebles on Marvel vs DC, because I know he has many opinions on this subject. But Rock On With Your Bad Self, Jak.


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