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Steve and Herobrine in real life Digital Drawing


Hello, dear readers. Just wanted to take a moment to share my daughter’s adventures in art again.

The description below is her own words on this latest project.

Via Flickr:
There is weird shading in this, but this is one of the few shading practices I have been able to have in a long time. I spent a really long time on this, and other than those faults I listed, I am happy with this picture. I got a bit of experience using GIMP which I used with this pic here, on my Slamacow picture. This started out as a pencil drawing. I was afraid to color it with colored pencils, since it would probably get dirty, and it is best to shade after you color, unless you never wanted to color it at all, or if you wanted a crappy looking drawing. Besides, I said I would make a picture that would be colored and shaded in GIMP, so here it is now. This was mostly based off of my previous Slamacow drawing, which I edited a bit with GIMP and my Slamacow drawing was based off a picture I saw, and I always wondered what the face of Slamacow looked like under the pixelated, animated mask… When I made this, I showed it to my friend, and he thought it was good, (I made him guess what it was) I accidentilly broke the GIMP on my side, so I had to use my dad’s (Jak’s) He did a lot of tiring computer magic, so give him credit for that. So The Digital drawing adventure begins now…

Description by princess and a lot of other stuff too.

I love you all! ❤

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20 thoughts on “Steve and Herobrine in real life Digital Drawing

  1. Wow! I am impressed. Very detailed.


  2. I love that! very cool


  3. Wait, your daughter drew this? I’m impressed. When I first got to this post I assumed this was ripped from somewhere “professional.”


    • Aww, Aussa, thanks. She’s got a ways to go, actually– I’m glad she’s not comparing herself to artists on DeviantArt yet, but I am very pleased with how she’s doing. She’s self-taught.

      p.s. Princess says, “Aus-sum”.


  4. Hey Princess! Let me tell, you have way more courage to just go for the coloring and shading than I was when I was younger! This is looking very cool and I love how great you already are with drawing hands. I’ve still a lot to learn when it comes to drawing hands. I’m with you when you say that shading needs to be done after coloring, unless you need to high light haha. Same with watercolors and I use watercolors for most of my work. 🙂 With “weird shading” do you mean the harsness of the lines or something else?

    Keep on honing your skills! You’re very talented! *waves*


    • She says, “I meant ‘weird shading’ because I could have possibly shaded in some places, but I didn’t know where to put it and it kinda looked weird to me and a little not shaded enough. But it had to do. Oh, and thanks! I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS– keep commenting, please!”


      • Ah! Well, when I look at your drawing now, I see you’ve placed the shading in the correct places already! You could have added more where you could expect wrinkles of the clothes, but it also depends on the style of drawing you’re doing. Sometimes simpicity is best and you only have to add the shading where it would be really noticable, like you did now. When I’m adding details in my work, I always keep in mind that as soon as I start wondering if I should add more details, I have to put the art aside and look at it e.g. the next day. It’s like a little sign that the piece is already done or that I could make a mistake with further detail work.

        SO HAPPY you like the comments! ^_^


        • Princess says: Thank you for the advice. For some reason I am bursting with ideas, and my next drawing will be Navi from Legend of Zelda. I like you, and your comments, and I hope you stay tuned for the next drawing! ^u^


        • YES! I’m totally with you on the “bursting with ideas” situation!! It’s like you don’t know where to start as you want to do them all at once haha. But just go with it and usually I just make a very quick sketch to get the idea on paper or I scribble it down with some words.

          I find with some ideas I just have to create a complete drawing and others just need to be quickly captured on paper and then they will be fused into another drawing later on. I like you too and I’m super glad we can have these arty ramble conversation 🙂 I’m staying tuned for the next drawing! Have a lovely weekend ^_^


        • Princess says: “Yay!”

          Right now she’s working on a commission for Cimmorene, for a new blog header. Cimmy wanted some original artwork.


        • Oh that is so awesome! I can’t wait to see how it looks. Wish her lots of luck from me!


  5. Thanks for following me at Benzeknees. It was great to meet you over the holidays via C4C!


  6. Great pic! I wish i could draw more than a stick figure. My own daughter used to draw a lot too, but unfortunately has grown out of it!


    • Aww. That is too bad. My son might do that, but he seems to have some talent, as well. My daughter– I don’t think she’ll ever stop soon. She’s working on a commission Cimmy gave her for The Dragon’s Lair, and she’s still filling up a sketchbook with more works and little art studies. She definitely seems in for the long haul.


  7. Reblogged this on the tao of jaklumen and commented:

    once again, reblogged for the benefit of kazensakura.
    This was featured at RadCon 6B at the Student Art competition.


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